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im a really huge fandom nerd. i love xena... harry potter... comics... cartoons... xena again cuz why not. i spend a butt load of time on tumblr and im not even gunan pretend that im ashamed about that

with comics i really like fantasy/scifi, supernatural and funny. but if its got good art and stuff i'll probably lurk it anyway
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thank you so much everyone whos been reading so far! it means a lot!
MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!!!! and thank you all for reading! hope yer day is jolly and stuff whatever youre doing!!! im trying out a bigger page size for the comic. we'll see how this looks
graeme: superstar actor!
IM BACK! and now that halloweens over ill start uploadin my halloweeny comic so it can keep not makin sense with whats happenin in the world
UGHHH my comp killed the next page im workin on. so i gotta redraw it. but i also got a lot to do the next few weeks so i'm not sure if i'll get it out on time. juuuust a heads up
i like poofy hair graeme
ok you guys last character sheet! Graeme! the lovely steampunk queen bee herself
this page was really fun to make. and i think its one of the first scenes i planned out for this chapter
HEYA everyone! i didnt forget about updatin at all! but i wanna try and get the smackjeeves and tapastic sites matched up. so since the tapastic ones a few pages behind ima show off the rest of the character sheets cuz i really like how they turned out!
WOWWW i havent updated here in forever. im startin to get more time to work on pages tho. but im also mostly moved over to tapastic. so if anyone also goes to that site ya should check robo hole out over there! itd be great to have ya!
this hiatus isnt gettin any less hiatusy. SO i figured id share the official character sheets to try and fill the gaps. ill try workin on new pages when i can too when my jobs are less crazy

but anywho heres geckie!
this sorta hiatus is killin me. im gettin pages out so slow. i hope no one hates me. sooorryyyyy
i bubble blocked mac twice on this page so i feel like im pickin on her. sorry mac...

ANYWAY also sorry i been so slow with my updates lately! im still working on my other job and its gettin more into the nitty gritty bits there so i might get even slower here :/ but i'll try to work on Robo Hole when i have free time and get pages out!
dang whatta mood killer

ALSO does the word flick in the 4th panel look like flick or like somethin else?
heres some halloween
i really like drawin antonia. shes so mad all the time
HAPPY HALLOWEEN EVERYONE!!!! :D im excited its finally here but im also not ready for it to be over so ima be living all my spookyness thru the making of this comic until next halloween
OK! comin sorta partly outta hiatus. ima try to upload pages as i can but im still pretty busy with work. but a liiitle less busy right now so hopefully ill be able to make more pages!
also its halloween month and i didnt wanna not post anythin
hi everyone! still on hiatus... BUT i wanted to let everyone here know about the contest going on at the Robo Hole Tapastic site here:

its a trivia game for Chapters 1-3 and heres the rules if anyone wants to play!:

theres 7 questions. each one worth 1-3 points. whoever gets the most points first by the time the game is over wins!

PRIVATE message me your answers on here for the questions.
the game will go until Oct 1

for the winner i'll draw a picture of you, your fav characters, your own characters or whatever you want! (as long as it isnt anything super naked) also i'll give a shout out to your comic if you have one C:
i hope you play!

P.S. (you dont actually gotta guess Parsnips mothers bra size. that question wasnt for us)