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I like yaoi with grown ass men. I'd prefer hair, but shaved is acceptable. As long as the crotch is hairy on a guy, I'm happy. ^ ^

Likes: Yaoi,anime,manga,gay comics,books,video games,shopping,the gym,cucumbers,my exercise bike,cooking,cleaning,my cat Soriku Yulaven (Sora for short), all things nerd related.
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@MissWannaDie: I would hope not, as that would make Ky a complete tool. That would out Kim and it's safe to assume that Cass doesn't know he's gay at this point. If Kim were to give his blessing on it, that's another thing...doesnt seem to be the case right now though.
I don't think I can really fault her at this point. She doesn't know they fucked (not dating or in a relationship). Way back on PG 207 she mentioned that maybe Kylee would be her "good luck charm to get to James", so at least kylee knows what's up. And im guessing he didn't speak up because honestly, they're not in a relationship so what can he say without looking like a possessive creep claiming ownership to peen that's not exclusively his?
Heh, not really feeling any bad vibes from her at this point. Im guessing this is someone's wife or just someone close enough to Kim that he would entrust Kylee's care to her. She gonna be the bridge between these two. I can feel it in me bones!!
Why are people acting like Kim shouldn't be angry that his fucking barn just burned down? Part if his and his employees livelihoods. At this point has he even had the opportunity to hear Kylee's side of the story? Probably not, right. Chill on the Kim is not being all lovey dovey and nice right now. He probably thought he lost someone important to him. AGAIN.
It's a "burner" or disposable phone and most drug dealers will have several of them. He more than likely has a newer phone too.
Nice touch @*milk+assassin*
Damn. Earth is hella late.
Understandable distraction. Currently marathoning s7. I feel you 😢
Nice touch with the flowers! Lol
January 19th, 2015
The moral for this conversation, gentlemen? Don't start none, won't be none!! Bitches.
Micah, you in danger!
I'm going to give Felix here some credit and call that pretty darn clever. I like where this is going. A part of me is praying that Micah will come up with something quick and say he found the coat, but that won't explain who helped him wrap his bandages. Either way, he's screwed right now.
Aww, is my boo ashamed?
I like that Val is showing some kind of remorse(or he knows he's fucked), but at the same time he looks sad, like he's scared of what Kris' reaction will be. A+ on the conveying of emotions on this page. Regardless of whether I got it wrong or not, I love how Val doesn't look him in the eye; guilty conscience?
Truly Epic
Wow. I just want to say thanks for allowing me to take a ride with you on this amazing journey. Truly, from the bottom of my shriveled up old yaoi lady heart. This was just so well done, that I can't wait to see what else you have up your sleeve. Once again, thank you for sharing and I wish you all the best in the future!
Smuggling apples? That's love, baby. But really, this is so damn sweet. And just knowing that this is what to come of their relationship, I'm just getting all tingly with feels and shit.

On another note, damn, it's really starting to make sense how truly fucked up their world is. They have to smuggle things like apples. Basically, I'm still as excited as I was on day one for your story, babies.
Meanwhile, outside: "Get your tickets to the sexiest show on Earth! One night show only"

Awww, so Aldi stole his heart, (mind,body,soul)ne? This is hot and sexy and all, but I'm way more interested on seeing how we get to here from where we last left off, Aldi left with a lot of questions that need answering.

Panel 3 <3 Dick rubs are awesome.
*Moves secret panel aside and crawls out from the window seat*

Ah...Aah...Aaah = Yes. Yes I am enjoying this immensely. Please, continue.
I kind of sympathize with Taron a little. Just a smidgeon in the spot right below that happy trail, yeah. Since they're not living in the most peaceful of times, things like baths are probably not a daily occurrence? I'm assuming. So yeah, Arei! Let the man get 5 more minutes to bond with his "son". Hell, make it three.

I feel like I just insulted Taron, lol.
Okay, this is pretty darn awesome. Fantastic job so far, author.
February 23rd, 2014
It's only fair that a third party leave marks on both of them. I would like to volunteer my services, for the team of course. >_>

>< I keep missing updates, wtf? OMG, I can't believe how much younger Aldi looks with a fresh cut.
February 19th, 2014
"If you were a president, you'd be Babe-raham Lincoln."
JFC, that is one fine ass backside. There's just something about a broad back that just...UMPHFF. Like, I can't stop staring at that panel. Arei from the front, Taron from the back...schwing! I'm no good to anyone anymore!

Hey, I forgot about that guy. Good question, Arei.
Tez, the god of trolls.
He got that shot of "fuck it" alright. That a boy, Noel!