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Sal Monella
Things that kick arse:

-The poet P.B.Shelley, who, although dead for 180 years, was A Bit Of Alright in his day. (+10 points to geekiness)
-My music library
-My Keyboard
-Comics of any sort
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He's a normal guy who fell for a girl he couldn't have. He's not a villain, people just want to believe he is because we like the group so much. This is the kind of situation anyone could find themselves in- giving Sam the cold shoulder is hardly indicative of him being any more of a jerk than most people.
that's good of Peter. Last thing Patrick needs is to fuck up whatever fragile stability he's carved out, and it looks like Peter gets that.
it's PAYBACK, beetch!
This is cool and funny, but I'm bothered by the fact that they feel sorry for the ten-year old girl but none of the innocent, adult people they kill on a daily basis.
Shit hit the fan. :( didn't think it would be that bad, poor melanie. But there's no way she'll go back to him, not now.
why would he want to do caligula, man looked like a goat.... oh. OH.

the sheep..... D8

loving the little arrow in panel 2 :P
I hope he gets severely embarassed! Because he's a jerk!

(but I love the comic :3)
agreed. Alexander is cool.

I thought she was doing well, avoiding him. She almost stood up for herself there for a second.

Shame she's a doormat when it comes to her boyfriend.
oh dear indeed
wolf just got owned by a little kid. it
Talk about a stage persona, I can hardly recognise her.
this is her. it's gotta be her. third time's a charm, dammit
Sal Monella
February 15th, 2010
Learn it AGAIN. Bitch.
lol, is he stalking akira now or something? I wouldn't put it past him...

hehe. ladyfriend.
oooh,me. *hand up*

This won't end well O_O
Sal Monella
January 31st, 2010
really, do it. She's a bitch.
hades <3. nice guy!
lol, your words, henry! like a knife