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Hey Hey! So this thingy here says that I have to provide a short description of my self....Well there isn't really to much to tell. I started drawing seriously about a year ago and I have loved every minute of it. I think I'm slowly getting better. I love anime in general and I have a fondness for yaoi and shonen ai (in case you couldn't tell). Please feel free to drop me an email at anytime
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Thank you!
So I just wanted to say thank you to everyone that has been supporting this comic. Also an extra special thank you to those of you who kept this faved even though it was more than a year before I finally updated :) You all are awesome in my book :)
September 24th, 2009
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Hey everyone! Just thought I would jump in and say thanks for the 100+ fans!! I can't believe it :) I don't even have 5 comic pages yet. I hope you guys stick with me. Unlike my last story IGYLM I've actually written a script for this story. I'm really excited to be sharing it with all of you!
September 20th, 2009
Sorry for the crappy toning job. I'm still trying to get use to manga studio, but it's so progress. I'm a lot better than a use to be , but I'm still more of a pencils and marker sort of manga artist. Oh well, I hope that you will enjoy!
September 14th, 2009
Update Schedule
So I just wanted everyone to know that my update schedule (that I will try my darnedest to stick to) will be every Tuesday and Friday. Thank you guys for sticking with me while I try to get this story together :P
September 14th, 2009
Hello everyone! I don't even want to know how long ago it was that I uploaded the first page of this comic, but I know that it was a really long time ago. I'll get more into an introduction of myself as the series goes on, but for now please enjoy this comic. I have worked on the story for the past year and I have also have been trying to make it perfect to be worthy of you fine people. I hope that you all will enjoy the story as well as the art work :)
So I've finally posted up a new page. This time I'm determined to ink out the whole entire comic. I can finally use manga studio now, but I think that I actually prefer pen in paper. Oh well, I'll just see how it goes. Thanks to everyone one who faved this so far :)
LOL that whole conversation was too funny! I just finished reading through everything you have here and I have to say that I'm seriously envious of your art skills. Hope you are having fun at comic-con :)
Hey Guys! Sorry I've been away for so long , but it was for a good reason. I FINALLY graduated from College ^_^ I'm so happy! Well in celebration of that I'm starting the comic I've been working on for 2 years now. I feel that my art skills have improved enough that I can do my script justice. I hope that you will all enjoy it. I'm still trying to decide whether or not I will finish IGMYLM. BUt even if I don't I just wanted you all to know that I really value all of your support and your kindness ^_^
Sorry :(
Sorry that is took sooooo long to update this everyone. Life is just gets in the way of everything fun. I was going through an artistic slump for the past two months, but then I just had to work my way through it. THanks to my fans for still keeping this comic favorited. I know that it was hard and I really appreciate it ^_^ Only a few more pages to go and this comic will be over!
Yeah my husband knows about my Bl obsession , he just shakes his head at me. I think that he is actually pretty proud of me though ^_^
Manga Studio!
So I did this page using manga studio. It was hard because I had to draw this page all with a tablet. I don't mind inking on a computer as long as I can scan my original sketch. But it just wasn't working for me. But now my husband fixed it for me so it should be better next time :)
Does it seem like I apologize a lot?
That is because I really am sorry for the lack of updates. I've been with out internet for almost three weeks now. Also work has been so hectic that I don't have time to upload new comics as fast as I would like to. So for that you all have my deepest apologies. I'm glad that everyone stuck with me, you guys are the best fans a girl could as for ^_^
GOOD LORD JESUS!!! That was just tooo romantic :sigh: :3
YAY!! I love this piece Heldrad!! I got it for a special prize in her contest ^___^ Thank you thank you thank you!!

Oh and as a side note I've added a fan art section. I'm still gonna post fan art during the comic, but once its been bump back two pages then it gets moved there <3
Sorry it took me so long to post this one :( It's been getting harder and harder for me to do get these pages done in time, but I'll continue to work my hardest. Does Yuuki look really buff to you guys? Well there is a reason for that. It's actually my own personal preference. I love guys with broad shoulders that look skinny when they have there clothes on , but when they take them off BAM!! All muscle-ly baby ^_^
Things I promise by next page
1. I promise the next page will be better.

2. No more corny dialog.
I looked back into my archives and I see that I do have a bit of announcements, but I don't think that it is too many. There are some fan art pieces through out the comic but that is because I like to show appreciation to those that send me fan art by posting it. I will keep your comment in mind and I may go back and delete some of the older announcements since that seems to be a concern. Thanks for the input ^_^
Sorry it's so late!
Sorry this page was so late you guys. Otakon was fun, but I didn't feel like drawing anything for a week once I got back home ^_^' Anyway just a heads up this comic is gonna be getting real adult real fast for the next few pages...but you all are old enough to be reading this right? :) Well anyway thanks for sticking with me, even though I'm slow to put up comics!!
Awww! I'm so sorry that I missed you :( I'm definitely gonna be there next year though ^_^
Yup!! I'm back from Otakon, I had lots of fun. I had a decent response while I was there and it was a great learning experience. Well, now it's time to get back to IGMYLM!! Thanks everyone for being so patient ^_____^