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I Like To Draw, But I'm Not Good Enough For A Comic Yet.
I Live In Swansea, In Wales, In The UK.
My Favourite Colours Are Black And Yellow... Although Im Not Too Crazy About Bumble-Bees.
I Like To Wear Black And White.
I Absolutly LOVE My Chemical Romance!
Add Me On Msn For More!...
ByeBye! xx
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I really love this comic!! >.<
But you haven't updated in ages? What's up? (:
Being thee wierdo that i am..
This COMIC is awesomee...
FAV. *
good work guysiess. (:
mega lolz. x
I Love The Comic,
It's Really different from what ii usually read...
but ii still love it!
keep it up x
Hey! I Like A Filler Once In A While! (:
You're Feeling Better? I Hope So!
And Are You Still Vegetarian?
I Am Vegetarian By The Way Lol
I Have Been For Over A Year Now!
Love The Comic *favs*
Get some sleep and eat more!
don't get really ill!
i feel your pain! =[
hope your better (:
wowee! this is amazing do far lol
Hello Meli! (:
I'm The Youtube Person Called '24thatgirl24'
And YAY! I Finally Got A Smack Jeeves Account! (:
I Will Fav This Comic STRAIGHT AWAY!
Love The Comic And This Page, Like All The Others, Is Way Better Than I Could Draw! =D