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Please don't take my comics seriously. Please don't base your real life relationship goals off my comics. They are meant to be silly stupid yaoi shit. Please don't actually do bad shit in real life. Leave fantasy to fantasy.
Young Justice Comic with MatchxDick. How to calm down Match?
Spoilers for the Justice League Doom movie. because this totally happens.
Yeah and Quistis was there the whole time!!!!!

Thanks for reading my predictable BL comic of Squall and Cloud learning to be partners and uh. Junctioning.

I'd like to thank Cloud-Kitsune for encouraging me to draw this comic XDD Even when I was down about it.

I'd like to thank my bf for being there for me and letting me take the time to finish this comic even though he wanted me to play Halo and stuff with him. So understanding and supportive that I can have hobbies like drawing weird comics. U r my honey.

And for readers like you!!! Thanks for reading my comics. Sorry I put you guys through a lot of weird concepts. I hope you'll forgive me one day XDD Maybe I'll churn out something you can enjoy proudly one day.
Little Cloud approvals.
I LOVE when the charas hold hands during sex, it's sooooo cute.

This comic was a lot of self indulgence for me. I'm always using my art powers for evil things like this.
I'm so proud of how I drew Cloud in the 4th panel!!! I know nobody cares, but I care.
I know you know that I know that you know that I might have drawn Squall's dick a little too big.

It's ok. Big dicks never kill anybody in bl comics. In real life, I dunno though, please don't try this in real life. Please don't summon an ice queen and then propose to them and then put your big cock in their ass. That's the complete opposite of how you make friends in real life.
If you notice a lot of the pages might be drawn a bit different because they were done like, months apart. Sorry I'm a terrible artist and too lazy to redraw pages.

At least I don't redraw the first 5 pages of my comic over and over and over until I just never continue the main story. See?!?!?! Being Lazy is ok for some things. The one time I did remake a comic, I even finished the remake though XD
Idk how virgins are so good at giving head in all these BL comics but I'm not complaining. I like when Cloud gets spoiled XDD
I just love Squall doting on Cloud a whole lot. It's ADORABLE to me because he's kinda a jerk in the game but Cloud being able to melt his heart is the cutest thing to me.
Sorry we can't get married, u need to give gud head 1st.
Aww Sephiroth left Cloud hanging. I wonder if he's being a tease on purpose. He could be a bully like that XDD
Wah!!! You drew a doujinshi!!!!!! I'm so excited now, OH MY GOD.

This is the CUTEST KISS!!!!
My GF Can't Be THIS Cute
This is a weird story I've been working on. It's pretty short, but I hope you enjoy ^^

It's SquallxCloud.
September 26th, 2013
Oh wow a city background. That's really cool. It's exciting!!! It's finally catching up to where it left off before you decided to redo the comic XD I remember Princess Ruby was quite interesting despite being so elegant looking XD She looks so pretty!
@otakufreek1331: Nooo go ahead and laugh, you're suppose to!!!

@lovelessbutterfly: Thanks!! The stupidity is what makes drawing it fun XDD
@Daisie2819: Oh, I think I know what you mean. In this AU, Genesis, Sephiroth, and Angeal are pretty close friends romantically and platonically. Meaning, that's why Angeal (sorta) trusts Genesis to be close with Zack and can have sex with him... same with Sephiroth but he's a little more iffy about Genesis touching Cloud. Though, I think he'd be ok as long as Cloud is ok with it.

It it were some random hack acting like that or forcing his way on Zack then they probably wouldn't make it out alive. Like it's why Reno tried to get permission from Cloud in Spring Fever even though he could probably overpower the kitty. If Sephiroth found out Reno hurt Cloud, he'd be screwed.

but I don't really touch on serious topics, at least not realistically XD haha... unfortunately.
yeah almost at the end, but I don't have a page tomorrow;;; sorry need some more time to work it out.
@lovelessbutterfly: I just feel like I'm taking a little too long with the pages... but thanks!! I'm glad you still find this comic funny XD

@Daisie2819: Well it's going to be FF7 related XD It might have a more focused plot, but I love drawing silly stuff too so that'll always slip in.