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Shoujo manga and music lover with wild imagination and too little time to bring it into effect
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Blargh, I'm so mad! Since some time somebady is posting spam comments under this manga pages. I've been ignoring it till now. But now it ends! Lately someone posted some religious monologue under one of my pages and I have no slightest idea wtf anybody did it. Since now I will delete any spam comments and will ban person posting that type of comment.
Sincerly I've been thinking about making Facebook page for "Bad Girl". Maybe I'll do it finally in some near time.

Oh, and one more importand thing. Next update will be on monday ;)
Yeah, even I like it :D and usually I'm not happy with my drawings
Ok, fixed. Thanks for pointing it out
According to some stories about Lucifer he once was in love with some human woman, but his love couldn't be fulfiled. This is what I'm refering here to. "Very first woman" doesn't necessarily aply to Lilith, it means that first woman in his life
Ups, sorry you're right. I'll correct it tomorrow
Wow, thank you very much^^. I had certain image in my head and I'm happy to know that I menaged to capture it ^^
Będzie! ;p W przyszłym tygodniu
Thank you ^^
Yeah, 'cause I can't draw cars XDDD
Thanks for reading it and liking ^^. I hope even further you won't be dissapointed
He said it himself, when he told her that he would want to date her, that he want's it because he is curious about how it is in steady relationship. And Ann agreed to that, so she knows that he doesn't have that kind of feelings towards her. But you know what, it's only half way through the end so every thing can change ;)
Yup, not literally but as metaphore
This week I'll give you 3 extra updates on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday since I had made some extra pictures a while ago ^^
Well I don't wanna spoil you so I can't say anything.
I can tell you only that every character have it's good and bad sides and it depends on person will she/he like that character ^^.
My friend for example doesn't like Ann ;P
Thanks ^^
Thank you ^^
In Poland when we have our final exams we have to obligatorily take Polish, math, foreign language (usually English) and at least one other subject.
David wasn't a good student so now he have a problem.
Thank you :)
Hmmm, in what language do you write?
Unfortunately I don't understand a word :<