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I like porn
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Is it awkward that I think Dake has pretty calves?

Cuz I do :/

I'm am so freaking intrigued. Also, I'm stalking you >.>
AWW! His little shakes are so fucking precious!
I LOVE this page. It's awesome! I love the whole premise to the comic!
What's with all the caps?
Ooh! Horus got all vicious--I like it!

What's with all the caps?
Poor Tommy.

Finally gettin' some action only to be carted off to jail.
Dood! I love Tommy's face in the second panel! He's amazing!

Also--Hooray, my school lets me view your comic from our server!
Wow, Dake is cute in the first panel! I'm so happy with your plot-ness.
Baby! Dake is so fucking precious! I'm so excited to get a little backstory~
Dake is so vicious! He's right though. Love is not to be taken lightly *nods*

Dake's face is win.

Get 'im Tommy!
Good job, Tommy. Good job.
I LOVE Tommy's face while he noms that sammich. Hope your trip to Disneyland was awesome! I for one would totally love to see Dake and Tommy at Disneyland...I think that would be soooo amusing.

Love this page.
OMG Dake is so super precious in panel three *snuggles him*. That's right Dake, sex is always good leverage.
That little person is SO. PRETTY.
Chubby Dake is Chubby
Gah! Belleh *chews*

He is so beautiful in the third panel!
Dude...for rizzles? I love your plotfulness.
Daw...he's so frackin' cute! Hurray for plot! I want to see something cutesy but also sexy with Dake and Tommy.
Dake's blushy face! I loves it so much *buttwigglespouncenoms* And Tommy's face in the second to last panel is so pretty and pleased looking.