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Awww I feel bad for these guys
Ohhh my heart hurts D: But that's what makes this comic so brilliant. These two are perfect <3
This is so lovely :D
I love her uniform! It's really cute :3
I love this page xD Penelope's face is brilliant and only matched by Cliff's WTF expression.
I'm in love with this :D
The art is soo cute :D Megan is adorable! I can't wait until the next chapter. From the first chapter I gather it's going to amazing!
Dude. If I could make that face it would save me a lot of trouble xD
I don't know why, but I love Sarah. I'm all about the be-otches. They make the world go round. Who would we hate if there were no be-otces in the world. Keep on keeping on, Sarah :D
Random Character reminds me of how I treat my friends xD I love how much you update in one day. It makes me happy.
I love the coloring :D Awesome!
Dude, that tomato head always gets me xD
The building has a lot of character :D

LOL Jun. You and Riona could be the best ninjas ever xD
Awww I feel bad for Sarah. I want to know why she broke up wiht him (was it explained in the beginning? i can't remember that far back xD).
Oh Penelope! But I can sort of understand why she's going with him. He was so smooth back there xD I was kind of believing him too. That gap in his teeth is just too endearing :D
I want to see Liam's inner thoughts *creepy face* xD
I love this so much :D Everything is so pretty.
Don't think, Cliff! Just do it!
Oh man he is so adorable xD
Bennn D:

I thought she was running toward him lol.