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I've read this comic for a while, but I just want to say how much you've improved since the first pages.

Your style is beautiful.
And I've enjoyed this storyline thus far.
I've never commented, but I do stalk this.

I just wanted to say that I'd like very much for those two to end up cannon. Lol.
I don't know.

I'd draw fanart of that. Straight up, yo. XD
Yeah, i'll be updating soon, again.
So I changed the font, if you like this font better, good, cause I'm using it now.

For intense text, I'll be writing it, hopefully my handwriting doesn't FAIL.

I'll update tomorrow, too.
Jenna: Alright. I'll change the font.

Everyone else: Thank you. :)
Page 5
That's it for today. The pages will get better as I get less lazy. HAH.

ALSO, if the text gets too hard to read, you should, like, tell me.
First Page
So I thought I'd do this comic on tegaki, but I realized that I'm a lazy fuck, so no more pages like this.