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I wish I was a talking boat...-_-
Heheh...spine in eye
nice picture, good artwork
Love that picture!
think you spelt famine wrong
I like it how he casually greets the bear
Why is Death hanging out with Life? Aren't they supposed to be enemys in a constant battle for the fate of mankind and earth?
That guys short
so true *sob* so true...
That was amazing what he did
I like how it get's dark in the background as Craig threatens Jake
This kinda reminds me of Calvin and Hobbes
In the last panel Jake could say anything and it would be funny.
I hate that kid in panel two, i'm glad all his friends laugh at him. he looks like a bully... *sniff* bully
I love how Jake is sitting/laying in panel one. He's bored, obviously.
One of my favorite comics
i just like everything about this comic