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Yandere... :) People learn very quickly that it is not a good idea to startle me awake. Fufu~

I have a soft spot for nice people. They compel me to be nice as well. People who act rude for the sake of being rude really irritate me. Then again, who doesn't? It's just absolutely pointless.
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Fufufu~ *waves at Junko* I'm staying right here 'til the very end! ;P

OH! I see... Noriko's a vampire?! Lol! Ouch, looks like she won't get a bite out of Junko anytime soon.
Ah! Junko looks so cute on the first panel! *stares at you* You're not telling me? *starry eyes* No? XD Well, maybe I'll find out if I stick around! *camps out in front of Junko's house* *^*
Oh, I definitely like. =^.^= I can see the plot developing into something major. It looks like some people are not what they seem. *stares at Noriko-chan* What is she up to...? *^*

Hopefully, I'd get to see Noriko and Junko's relationship develop even more! Haha, but don't let me rush you. ^_~
August 12th, 2008
I agree with m!tchan. The art is so fun to look at-- especially the second panel. HAha! Their expressions are cute!
*snort* The last panel was a nice touch. <D
Man, I didn't realize Tabitha had it in her to be so sly. >D Me likey~
Noriko-chan looks really cute here. ^_^
I love the mom's expression. Lol! I can almost here her brain trying to process what she heard.
*sap mode switch on* Awwwwwww.... ^//////^
Waaaaaah! Dx I can't believe I haven't read your manga before!! Must... fave... Your drawings are absolutely beautiful!
*is scaring the kids around me from laughing maniacally* You're too funny. XD "That's what you get for dressing like a ho!" LAWL! Priceless~
Lolololololorofl! XD I really love the WTF expression on Gail's face.
I'm falling more and more in love with your manga. Sigh~ And this filler page just clinches it. I really love how the words really captured the moment.

Ah! I'm sap! ><

I'd also like to congratulate you on coming up with such a unique plot. Heh~ The villain's perspective... You're the best! ^3~&#9829;
You have no idea how long I've anticipated this... your update I mean. ^3~&#9829; I love how clean and simple this page looks.

MOAR updates plz! D>