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Your comic is so awesome ^_^
I wish I wasnt such a procrastinator >.> I have a few pages done >.<
eh. i have to get started on my comic still =_= im such a procrastinator >.>
I need A job. Lucky >=P
well we were all sittin here thinkin it was some kind of STD, how gullible -_-"
mmm... I could go for a hamburger
seems like the creepy stalker girl who wants to rape Chino >.>"
>.< You mastered Manga Studio tones >.< i need to start working on mine -_-
Your tones look amazing too. I'm jealous
Wow your comic is excellent!
I like the begginning you have now. But I mean Its your choice if you want to start over again or not
How clueless.
I guess thats what makes him adorable
ouch. She just got Denied >.>
wow This comic it turning out really cool. and i love your style!
Wow this comic is amazing!
How do you do your tones? It looks like pencil. ^_^
Wow I just got done reading the whole comic.
Its really awesome!
I wish I could donate :( SOrry
I cant wait to see what happens :D
wow this story is so amazing and you style is definitly unique ( in a good way)
I think The Story of Thanatos would be insteresting^_^
Your art work is amazing. You are insanly talented.
AWE! i wish i could buy the book. its such a fabulous story. and your art style is amazing and fits the story so well.
hehe random fact.
It's impossible to hold an erection under water ^_^
Poor Lor =_=
Being all cute and stuff. And Niki just being Niki
o.o is Lor getting possesive of Niki?
yummy. =D
WAHHHH!! >.<
i love your comic! its so awesome i cant wait for more >~<