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I love the essence the black BG is giving to the audience. It immediately tells us that the character is in fact not in reality, perhaps a dream/nightmare or a different state of mind. ^^ Great work!

Yeah, I've been wanting to watch the anime...I happened to see one episode and it was on the asian channel. XD It had subtitles, but it must have been a newer episode(or one that was pretty far into the anime) cuz I was sooooo lost. lol, one day I might watch it. ^^ Lately I've been slacking on watching my animes...I mostly just read manga.

All right! I'll stop spamming your page now. XD Love your art! Love you! Can't wait till the next page.

<3 Shiori
AWWW!!! The last panel looks so good, yet sad! T_T

<3 Shiori
I know what you mean! Hands are very difficult for me. XD But I love how they turned out. ^^

<3 Shiori
Very pretty! I love your style and her face is adorable. ^^

<3 Shiori
Your art is absolutely breathtaking! I love it! ^^ I'm surprised you don't have a ton of fans already! I will be your first fan! even though I know nothing of that anime. XD
Spread the BL love. ^^
lol, gotta love the smile and her F*ck off finger. ^^
lol, you're description is funny. ^^ And I like the effect you did in the background.

<3 Shiori
I really like how you shade your pages and don't worry. I could tell it wasn't a baby bottle. ^^

<3 Shiori