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I'm so glad that you like my entry =D
ROFLOL!! Last panel = win
This is epic XD

Joining the contest! Half done! Been working on this all day XD
T4 didn't catch my interest when I learned there was going to be one. My brother said it was awesome and that I'd like it a lot, but I've been done with Terminator since the 2nd one.

What? I love it when trainees learn quickly. Gives me hope that not all people are freaking idiots, lol. I think that's great that you're learning quickly!

Aww! I want a kitty! Maybe I should go and hang out in a place like that...or maybe not...
I wanna see cows XD
If I'm being honest, I think the color is better. The gryscale is just to "blendy" with everything going on, on the page. Idk if that makes any sense ^_^;;

Love the last panel, btw. Her expression is priceless! Love how you drew her!
Lovin the Nokia backwards XD That's awesome!
Still, the sketchiness of it is a great style, I think.

LOL, "Where is nom nom?"
I'm liking the sketchiness of your pages. It adds a nice touch ^^ Gonna watch this comics progression =D
Aww, that sucks...poor girl D8
"SCIENCE!!" love his coffee mug XD

Your art is amazing. Love all the FX you use to bring each and every page to life. Can't wait for more =D
April 20th, 2009
I'd buy one. Autographed or not, your art is amazing =D
Haha, yes! XD
\^^/ Grumpy saggy boobs =D

I check my comic updates at work >.> (like I am now LOL). I'm awesome ^_-

Happy Birthday FI! ^^
Get you everywhere, huh? And exactly WHERE is this "everywhere" she's talking about? Huh?
I have to be left alone for 4 hours and then I can actually talk to people, lol.

Watchmen was awesome >< Went to the midnight showing (and then went straight to work XD ). I've never seen a porn before and...I think I did when I watched this ^_^;; LOL
Ooh, found this on the Comic Spotlight on the front page. Love your art and the story is hilarious as well as awesome. Totally faving ><
LOL last panel = epic win
Ugh, been there >< Why must dreams torture us so? And why must they be so real?!

Anyway, I just adore your faces >< You capture the emotion so nicely ^^