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>> I'm black and I make comics sometimes.
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so whoz got next?
yea i live for nowww
Comic updates aren't gonna be daily anymore, they're gonna be whenever I want to do them until Summer, and maybe then because I do other stuff besides use the computer. And me being bored and shit, I might as well do this now. << I got school to worry bout
Repercussions lol
Lol yeah I was going to recolor it at first, then my lazyness got the best of me.
Chea I didn't want Proto to loose to a new guy, but I didn't want to get deleted easy so that's how it is so far.
So selfless, but chea this is my intro.
Lol a brotha wuz tryna think of a joke and looking at the whole city it made me wonder.. Since I haven't played a DBZ game in like four years didn't really know x.x
So that's where it landed =O
This is just a filler, and if you have never seen the Boondocks you probably won't get the joke.. Most of my jokes our boondocks related lol. But chea thats it.
April 13th, 2009
Naw they didn't skip to this city, it's just one of these one time crossover comics lol. I'm making this thing called Suburbsan Life, it's pretty easy to update since I don't have to manually sceen shot sprites and ish(the easiest way to make a PBJ comic) but chea tis just a filler.
If cha didn't get the joke you have not seen the comics I've done. PBJ happens to be one of them.
Lol it's funny shit used to be like that.
Hot off the dome.
November 2nd, 2008
Nothing more to be said then read, I'm just giving people the chance to do what they do. And if not then the story will continue I'm gonna try to update every Sunday from now on.
Lol I skipped the battle because I redid my whole save thing, so pretty much Cyndaquil got a level Zubat is all Zubat, and is Jimmy hiding something? Find out soonz.
Are we getting closer to seeing what the black figure is? Anyone got some guesses? It's just funny how I'm working to tie all these custom add ins with the normal plot.
Wow man haven't done this in a while lol, hope I can get the funny back.
October 19th, 2008
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Like I said I would never let this die. Not until the first gym leader lololol. And so the update has followed.