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Hello to all of you, the name is Nemo, and I'm a bookworm, cartoonist, and very, VERY spacy.
My likes are drawing, coffee, music, writing stories, and reading other comics.
Hobbies: Drawing, writing, and reading.
Occupation: In my chair, plotting. Hee.

My stories, that I'm planning to put them up here, are action/adventures, short comics, tragedy, and perhaps random story.
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This is such a gem! Your artwork is so lovely-done, and I love the story! It disappointed me that there aren't many comments when you deserved them.
April 21st, 2011
...Pfft, I only liked Ulla for her lovely dress! D< But, awww, I can't help but to be wanting to hug Lumi with her cute face. ;-;
Oh my goodness, look at those updates! You're spoiling us. <3 As always, I can't get over your lovely style...
They're..... so beautiful to look at... *Wipes a single teardrop off cheek* Too beautiful!
Oh my god. They just get cuter and cuter! D< <3
Ah ha! I was just rereading, and I saw the new page! Man, they're still so cute..
February 24th, 2011
I always love the story of Baba Yaga since I was a child, so this is interesting to know the origin of the three horse riders that guide Baba Yaga! Your art style is so lovely...
Yes, Ariel! PROPOSE! *Waving a foam finger* You, biggest brother. Sit right back down! D<
If I was Todd, I wouldn't scream by the train conductor; I'd swoon since he's so fine.
By the way, I always am impressed by your skill of the facial expressions: They're so marvelous!
....Oh, at same time as I love you guys and your work, I hate you so much for making me melt at those three characters; THey are too precious! <3
Blonde... and freckles! <3 Dang, Nozmo, I just love your character designs; They are so delightful to look at!
Oh no! Does he have a life alert?! All senior citizens (and hunky guy) should have a life alert!
October 25th, 2010
That's really creative character you got there! Not to mention that I'm digging his purple hair.
Damn, the colors are amazing. D: Congrats to you and other authors getting in! <3 Can't wait to see more artworks.
Smile, because he is watching you... >:) Yay for an update! I was having a crappy day, and this cheered me up. :D
October 7th, 2010
This is really an enjoyable comic: The characters are well-developed, and the story is interesting!
I do hope there'll be author application, I'm interested of joining in this collab.
ioifdsdfksdh, I LOVE THIS 'Crap' for your information! *Pouts* It have wonderful colors, and the characters are freakin' awesome! >:C Hi, long-time lurker here.
I just keep falling in love with this comic; It is so barkin' beautiful with those lines and the characters are, nnngh! <3
And to eishiya... Curse you! D:< CURSE YOU!