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I still think this is Zoshi without his necklace tying his form together in to something human.

He's trying to scare her in to going home. Or be big enough to carry her there?
So cute
I love this page
heehee hee hee hee
Oooh. Finch is clever!

Poor Kea. That necklace has been a part of her for almost as long as she can remember. </3
Finch, champion flail-er.

Look at Kea go! The mental strain finally became too much and she snapped! She's not gone she-hulk but woo!
*pUNT sound*
*tackle and face wash in to dirt*

Well done, Kea! Mush him in to the dirt!
@angichan: Just sent you $15 (Canadian), Angi. I can't afford a commission right now but hopefully that'll keep you in Canada for one more day!
Heeheeheeheehee. He went flying again.

Hopefully Kea is okay though. This is supposed to be very taxing on her sanity… But then again, she has a great deal of practice with that, doesn't she?
You tease, Angi!!
d'aww your expressions are fantastic as always. Also *snerk* poor Dani having to put up with the attentions of those two - While he's sick no less!
@TheMightyZan: I totally understand that conflict. But, he does have nice legs, so I'd say he's a keeper.
October 28th, 2013
I found your comic - and thus the link to it here - on deviant art. I CAN"T wait until the next page!
It's a good thing I adore your clothing designs, Angi, otherwise I might never forgive you for buttoning him back up.
@angichan: I'm going to go with magic as my answer to that.
Also, FINALLY a man showing some leg. :D I feel that this should become mandatory attire.
@Soap_Lady_Thea: *snerk* Thea, you make my day nearly as much as an update from Angi.
bk04 chp19 pg27
Thea (Guest), 15 Aug 2013 02:17 pm
Oooh. I'm pretty sure someone else, a few pages back, had a Dragon King theory about Kea being at the bottom of a body of water and receiving a necklace.
@Moonstar: You've just expressed how I feel so perfectly!