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I love manga. But I've only known about it for 5 years. I started drawing and I read a lot of 'How to Draw Manga' books to kick me off from a lot of problems that I had in the beginning, and I also allowed critique from different sites.
I love music: I play the violin, guitar and some piano. I'm still a student, but only just a little bit left of High School until college, thankfully.
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    Emily Krueger
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Staryu: HYAH!!!
OMG this just reminded me of when I had to put down my cat ;_; I held him in my arms as they put him down, and it breaks my heart every time I think about it. I'm sorry for you loss :( I know how it feels...
I just started reading this and I'm pretty sure this is my favorite B+B now ;A; I'm crying this is so beautiful---- I love your art <3
I have a feeling it's gonna back fire...
Suddenly clean? Was that the spell? :D
*secretly names the oddish "Bby Groot"*
I love your drawing aesthetic, and it already looks interesting :) I can't wait to see how it turns out!
So, I'm playing Pokemon Soul Silver, I came across a trainer and they threw out a Clefairy, and I screamed and shut of the game... I think I'm scarred for life... XD;;
They thought they needed to start running before... now they'll have to run twice as fast.. XD

BTW, this is my most favorite comic on this site >w< I'm always looking forward to the next page!
This is literally my favorite comic ever... If it were to be published, I would totes buy a copy XD
Have you guys ever heard a Potoo bird? it sounds like a male teenager when his mom cuts off the internet...
I'm pretty sure this is my favorite comic ouo
Bahahahaha awesome page~ XD I love the look Sherlock gives in the 3rd panel~
I have family over on O'ahu, and I use to visit them every Christmas~ But I don't think I'm been to Kauai~
I feel like it should actually say: ACHIEVEMENT UNLOCKED o3o
I think this site deems appropriate for what's going on...
Your Uke's showing...