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i like drawing reading writing playing outside playing the computer and game boy. I like yaoi vampires fantasy suger cuteness and much more!

My Icon is of Sinclair is ToTS.
Icon is made by Tsubasa-Pixels at Deviantart!!
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that sounds good. Also why don't you make a new story?
WAHHHH ITS OVER!! loved this story so much!! is your next story yaoi too? it should be.....
awww but i like uke liam! i mean i saw that he was going to be seme but still gah!
im voted for jace and hayden with him in a threesome. i loved nate but more as a best friend for him
well so i don't forget and u get to hearing this~
Happy soon to be Birthday!!! don't know if you'll update on January 17th so i made it now! Hope your birthday is filled with fantastic gay porn! lol joking( or am i?) ;DUr amazing as well
September 6th, 2010
I want herz and hirn to fall in love they are soooo cute i loveeeee hirn hes one of my faves though i dont care who falls in love with who it wil be a good story still!
moreeee rawr!
what what i need moooooreeee what is happening
nooo you loves each other if your brother was here he would smack you up!!! more comics ysy

listen to your heart when hes calling for you~~
i see pepper and ken!
like everyone else
awwww no m-preg *puts big time*
but im curious what could be worse (or better really) then m-preg hope it happens soon
January 24th, 2010
(1) harry potter and star trek though i do love others


(3) ummm none really just keep putting up new pages more often
i see jello!
is that monday!!!!!!? if he is why is he so ugly? woops...sorry if it is....
he wont become a fat old man!
super cool! all blood lol he must go home to see what that ideot master wants
thats the end!!!!!!!! noo do more please! i won't be able to buy it and i want mooore!
he looks so cute in short shorts gah!
June 30th, 2009
he is oding dond die lol i kknow he wont with the yummy pain meds
wow i see his nipple ring cool close up!