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Oh man
I totally didn't expect it to end today,
but omgosh, I've been following this comic for so long, from when I first heard about all your development to the actual comic starting up and being able to read it.
Ugh it was and has been, so great. It's not often you get to see a comic all the way through to completion, but I am so glad I got to see this one through.
I hope to still see and hear plenty of them and your work in the future though ;u; <3
fff-say yes lor, say yes, say yes! No doubts now, you and jak could be free:D
I've seen younger and shorter seme's but now that liam's so big I'm anxious to see him topXD Though I could now see them alternating too.
Vlad is awesome!!
finally some one talks backXD you go nicki!!
I would very much prefer the consensual sex. Rape whether it's in BL or not isn't really something I like, so yeah consensual all the way, lots of agreed lovingsXD god I hope dake doesn't get eaten, need somebody to save the day!!
and holy crap comment virginityXD
lol. "gabe I'm warning you!" XD great line.
lolXD Well atleast tommy isn't alone now.
lol. I stayed up till 5 in the morning rewatching avatar episodes with my best friend cause she got the whole series on dvd. I have yet to see the movie but every comment here and on deviantart says "don't see it." Even just the commercials for it make me angry cause of how they did everything. And seeing zuko makes me furious cause he's tan, ugly and you can barely see the scar! He's supposed to be pale, hot and have a scar you can see as plain as day.
But anyway this strip made me laugh. XD "See something you like?"
I love yu yu hakusho:) Used to be my fave anime when they still showed toonami. When ever I talked about it around my mom she would say it sounded like yu yu hackalugi.XD
wow. Almost forgot about this comic. But great to see one new page:) I love the last two panels. ROTFLOL
ROTFLOL XD "I cry if I step on a lady bug man." Thats just great.
lol. Ok so im like laughing in a nervous sort of way at the moment. I know ash hasn't gotten raped "thank god" but still he looks so helpless and it makes me worry whats gonna happen cause of this.
lol. I love this so much but seriously pikachu this isn't the way to go!! Rape is never the answer even if eventually he might like it theirs always the possibility of him still hateing you later on. DX Even as a yaoi fan forced sex is always bad to me.I know were anticipating whether or not theyll ever do it but still I'd rather wait than see boy rape.

But then again Ash really needs to try and understand Pikachus point of view. Besides making up after their fight the boy hasn't really been doing to much thinking about what has happened since pikachu was turned human.
lolXD I feel sad that pikachu is forcing himself on ash but then I love it and every one's comments on who's thoughts those are, are hilariousX3
ok I just have this feeling that that plate might go upside tommy's headXD He's just trying to get what he was told he would have. Gropeing rights!!XD
Im really wondering if he forgot everything when he got hit by the car. Or if he's just trying to get his fill of other hot men before he goes to destaXD
lol. Matsuri or a threesomeXD both sound so hot!
lol. I have this feeling that 'she' might either be his mom or his sister. Maybe cousin?? Im probably wrong but if he did actually live with his mom then that would just be