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Vindictive bassoon
I lurk on here more than I update.

Most of my comics are some kind of queer. I'm very embarrassed by the older ones, but I don't have the heart to delete them.
They fall in what now?? Dear god.
I'm moving this comic to my new account! It will still be on Smackjeeves so no worries. I've redone some of the old pages and added a few new ones.

You can check them out here:

I hope to see you there~~
A spot with moving water, How awful. x]
w-wuh?? Y-you think i'm a bad brother? How could this have happened.
@Amoeba: Ahh thanks! oAo
@TURENIA: Thank you~~!
Enter challenger.

Fav panel: Eden digging around in his mouth or when the box gave telepathic swears.
That last page was gr8 right?
I have dyslexia. It really does discourage you as a kid. It's embarrassing to stumble over easy words when you have to read out loud in class...
I didn't find out I actually had it till college. There really should be some kind of test to find it out early on. I could have gotten dyslexia font books and been much more confident in english class. Adam, I feel you bro.
@roka: I was thinking the same thing~ Chop up a back pack and some how never take it off in class.
goodbye gooby.
Snip snappin' crackalackin'
The thrilling conclusion- for now. C U next update. I've lost the will to code.
Here's the start! I already want to fix 100 things, but I'll carry on \;0;/
Motivate me... with your mouth *eyebrow waggle* And downbeat would just be like "uhh, you go champ, you can do it??"
Those smiles need to get back to their isles.
SHE'S HERE youdidthething ithappenedd
Eeek, what a twist! because I never read the description until this page... xD
Very cool.