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I am a salesman.

Would you like a view inside my briefcase?

Don't mind the sounds coming from it, it's perfectly safe.
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September 15th, 2011
If I really wish to improve myself, I really need to stick to my schedule.
I tried to get the old timey/fragile feel. Did it work?
Damn you and your skills Em! I'm so jealous!

It's looking pretty good. Can't wait to see more!
Bad news: This is the last time we'll see Cricket for a while.... probably.

Good news: You'll get to see the other two stars of the comic soon.

Other good news.

Guess who got their scanner fixed.


There was a strip next to this but I didn't like it...
I need to practice drawing vomiting faces.
Ah, this is a small filler. I'm almost done with the next page but I won't be able to upload until school starts.

Charlie is that guy from page 5. I guess this filler happens a little after chapter one~
I'm not good at perspective... but it's important to try, right? To practice!

I'll practice harder!

By the by, I had to change Cricket's color scheme. I sort of... lost his colors.
When I read over my comics, it reminds me of how much of a dork I really am.
I was sent to the hospital last Thursday and stayed there for a week. D:

I'm very very very sorry. D:
I'm better now and will dedicate my time to TWWGB (and Kiki).

Updates will resume after vacation since that's the only time I'll have access to a scanner.
But thanks for the feedback! If you have any critiques, advice or anything else please let me hear them. :)
This bus was very fun was to make. Which was a surprise since I expected to be very frustrated with it, considering it was my first time drawing one.
New Pailey is so adorable :'D
My characters are hard to draw... in a simple way. M-Maybe. I keep gving them little accessoires and knick knacks and stuff but their overall design is more simple.

I like yours way more though :O
Ah Nozmo, you're the eel's hips <3
Marcellus and Anger is my OTP.

Fishuu: Sweetness! Let's spread the love around! :D
And thanks, they were fun to do <3

Please nag me when I don't update the comic.


P.S: Are the words difficult to read? If so, I'll try to darken them when I can.

Fishuu: Me too. Cricket would make the best friend ever. <3
You're welcome. Without you, I'm sure TWWGB would always be in the dark. I hope you enjoy the ride :)

Em: No. Never. I WILL NEVER EMBRACE YOU!!!!! D:<

BUT THANKS. By the by, you should upload your comics too :<
January 31st, 2009
Oh, I really love the expressions in this one!
I dedicate this page to Fishuu!
Well... uh... this is the start of The Way We Get By.
It's an experimental comic, so things may get confusing (like where those two are and those signs) but please bear with me!

I'll do my best to make it enjoyable :)

Em: You say the weirdest things xD

Chi: IT'S.... IT'S TOTAL BLASPHEMY!!!! Thank you good soldier, for spreading the good word of it around.

A-And thanks for the compliments :DDD
November 22nd, 2008
I shall do so >:D
November 22nd, 2008
I need to draw some fanart for this comic C:

It's so great.
November 15th, 2008
Oh, that's just adorable <3