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Hm, I like anime and manga. Dance music. Cats. Hot guys. (Does that mean I am shallow? Oh well..) I like drawing my own mangas and creating AMV's as well.
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I like the definition in the legs! Mine always turn out very Sailor Moon like...long sticks.
I don't know a whole lot of Japanese. A few words here and there and one or two sentences. I looked up 'study hard' so it's supposed to be the Japanese version of that on the poster. But I used Google translate so there is a large chance that that is not what it actually says haha!
I have based the twins off of my friend and I. I am more like Citrine and my friend Alana is more like Garnet.
The Beginning
I am warning you all right now! ...I am horrible at drawing guys. So....GOMEN!
So we won't get Chapter 2?
@SomiJuli: STAY SAFE! Get out of there if you need to! Don't try and wait it out (Like my brother's idiotic friend).
Whoooaaa! Was not expecting that!!
@roxsg: True but they can kiss other people without it draining them as long as they have a Trophy. Since Hayden has a Trophy already him kissing Mars won't affect either of them. He'd have to turn Mars into his Trophy first. Uwaaaah we need updates to know for sure!!! I'm dying here!
@yasha.queen: I'll feel bad for her but at the same time I'll be hoping that Mars will realize how much better Hayden is for him!
I still totally think that Mars is his Zoipan!!!!!!! And soooo hoooot!
Dun dun dun!
I reread the series, mainly because I had forgotten who Melissa was. I think Mars is Hayden's Zoipan! The way she looked when she first met him and the fact that she's in love with Hayden...I think she knows that Mars is Hayden's Zoipan and that she's keeping it a secret so she can stay with Hayden longer!
I suuuuuuck at cars! And I suuuuuck at distance drawings! On the upside I liked Alana punching Mira. Hehe
I suuuuuuuuck at drawing backgrounds! And the little song Mira is singing is a little nursery song my mother always sang to me.
I love how Alana looks as she's getting the toast out of the toaster.
Yes, it's from Sailor Moon. Crystal Tokyo! I'm not good at drawing Haha! So I thought this would be easiest and would help with the story!
It almost makes me want to cry!
So hoooot! Can't wait for more!!
March 1st, 2016
The End. For now!