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I enjoy plotting world domination along with writing stories in addition to long hours playing Soul Calibur IV (Talim is my weapon of choice). I also enjoy (but not as much as the former) speaking in front of audiences on Saturday mornings, reading on Sundays, and doodling although I have not really pursued any true artistic ability or gift.

Oh yeah I'm a Pisces ;D
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    Rissa D
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I found a mistake!
You see that spot under the third panel to the right? Yeah, that's a mistake KowBonez made...not me. I give you all permission PM her and yell at her about it.

Ha. Just playing. But yeah I love what that girl says in that one panel. "Can we have his underwear?" That's just foul.
WOOT! We finally got this thing going and I must say I'm extremely proud of our debut.