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I'm Natasha. I'm a pretty average part-time university student. I still live with my parents but I'm moving out at the begining of next year.

I'm pretty introverted, but I can (and do) act like a psycho bitch at times. I have a few really great friends that I love to pieces (figuratively).

I love to read, write and draw. I'm not very good at drawing yet but I'll keep practicing.

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Wait...what? Why...? :'(
Don't worry. We'll wait. :) Your story is worth it.
Oh my gosh...only 5 more chapters? I'm so glad you'll do short stories after you finish. I love Paradox. I don't want it to end. :\
I love them all. Especially the blue hair~
Love your art. I also like the song referance in your title. Aerosmith rocks. :D
No worries. Stuff happens. :)
This is seriously hot. Thank you.
Aww...poor Dragonthing!
Happy Halloween
Hey's been almost a year. In my defense I moved. Life has been difficult with bills to pay.
Anyway, happy Halloween!
This is my favorite holiday.
I hope you all enjoy it too! Be safe!
It's great that you aren't dropping it. Rewrites after some practice are usually great and I look forward to seeing your change of style.
Antonio is so cute.
...Then again they all are...
Good to know his spine is made of rubber.
Awww...they're so cute together. I can't wait for more. Merry Christmas!
Merry Christmas!
Hey guys, thanks for reading Mosquito Theatre. Merry Christmas to everyone who celebrates it and Happy Holidays to everyone who doesn't!
Have a great season and try not to eat too much ginger bread.
My favorite is probably Swan Lake.
Soooooo hot....I love guys with long hair and piercings....
Happy Birthday
Happy birthday Mi-chan. I hope you like your ACTUAL present a lot more than this.
Pretty self-explainatory. I'm bored and feel like a loser for starting a webcomic without a working scanner.
So three random updates in as many days. Don't you all feel special? know creepy as he is; I think Jasper is probably my favorite character so far.
Okay so this is Kuwashii (I do draw better than this by hand).

I need to get myself a tablet...