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Ha, sorry I didn't respond sooner Afro. It's been a busy finals week.

I'm touched to hear that you all thought so highly of the comic. Not to be generic. It really does mean a lot to know my work was appreciated. It gives me hope.

I'm sorry to end it with so much unsaid. It's just drifted far enough out of my mind that I wouldn't do it justice anymore. It'd be something totally different.

I can't promise I'll return immediately. What I've been planning is something that I want to make well. Something I can be really proud of and show to people. But that takes time and planning. So I'll be back eventually, and I'll post something about it here to let you all know.

Thanks again guys.
You guys were too good to me.

I'm not going to update SP again. It's still a fond memory for me, but not so fond that I'm about to pick it up again. The website has fallen into disrepair anyways.
I just figured whatever fans are still here deserve to see the last full page I made.

I had some big plans for where this comic would go. I had the end planned out not from Day One, but I'd say something like Day Fifteen. It's a kick in the gut to take so many ideas and just throw them out the window, but that's how it goes.

Anyways, enjoy this last page. Speculate as you will. I'm not worried about spoiling it.

If y'all would like to know what happens to Brendan, May, Wally, and Saul, PM me. I'll give you a synopsis of how the story ends. Maybe I'll even make an actual post about it.

But that's not the only reason I'm here. I wanted to let the SJ community know (again, only if anyone actually SEES this) that since I stopped working on SP, I've since been studying illustration at university. I'd like to return to comics if I can find enough time, only this time I hope it'll be better than SP. I took Pokemon and made it my own back in 2008. Now I'd like to try something that's 100% new.

Thanks for sticking with Simple Pixel as long as you did. I'll keep in touch.
It's literally been like this all along.

There's one of the ships. They also have a frickin' off-planet base. How do you think they run that shit without some manpower?
Thanks, guys! I've honestly got a whole lot going on right now. I don't even know where to begin addressing SP all over again.

Suffice to say I've got a few more updates already lined up for you, and I'm hoping to make a few more in the coming days. No promises though. I've pretty much planned SP out to the end, I just have to script it and make it. That's easier said than done, though. Rest assured, there's still a LOT left. I just don't know how I'll make time for it.

Anyways, what's new...

I'm working on a bit of a side-illustration-project right now that will eventually result in a very short graphic novel. If it's successful I might continue with it. We'll see.

I've learned a lot at college so far. I know I've been neglecting SP because of this, but it's a necessary, albeit regretful, sacrifice.

What have you been up to? Not many of the comics I follow have updated much (they seem to be facing some of the same problems I am) and those that have are few and far between. I haven't had much time to explore any new ones, either, so I feel like I'm missing out on a lot of material.

Anyways, I'm sorry to tell y'all that I may not be back permanently. Like I said, things have been crazy. I'll upload all the updates I currently have, but I can't promise more than that. Just know I haven't forgotten about you. I'm just stressed is all.

P.S. I may not deserve it considering my update schedule, but I'd appreciate any help with the SJ Awards this year. After three years of just nominations, an actual win would be pretty schweet. But make your own choices. You're all individuals.
We're great! Thanks for asking.
Second verse of the Pokemon theme song, eh?
*cue guitar solo*
FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF-you're right. I'll fix that. Holy shit, I've lost my grasp on this.
Hey guys. Sorry I've been a jerk with updates. Still working.

Don't forget about the SJ Awards! You can find the link up above the comic. Thanks for your support so far guys.

And I uploaded my latest artwork/Halloween costume to the Facebook page. Go check it out (also at the link above).

Diglett uses Sucker-Punch.
Hey guys! Happy Halloween! Sorry about the wait, I've had a BUSY week. Like, holy SHIT.

Anyways, the Smackjeeves Awards Nominations begin tomorrow! I'll be linking to the nomination thread once the competition commences. If you think SP deserves another year as nominee, just go ahead and say so in the thread. If you think SP sucks black, rotting, lethargic bull testicles, I'd recommend picking up writing in your spare time.

Anyways, thanks for being patient. I'll be uploading my Halloween pictures, as well as another Illustration portrait, so the FB page soon, so make sure you go over there and "like" us on Facebook!
Javelin-throw the hat rack into the cave opening, where it impales a homeless man.
Spooge INTO the cave to test for enemies.
Sorry. Still in the recovery process. Scripted a few today.

Oh, and in other news, the SJ Awards are coming back around. It's not quite time for nominations yet, but keep tabs on it. I'll keep you posted, so all you wonderful people can nominate SP for a third year! I'll try and post more comics as incentives!

Also, I drew a self-portrait...
Such beauty! I see Freud heavily influences your work. There, on the left, you've blended Edvard Munch with Georges Braque! It's the perfect balance between the surreal and suprematism! Is this perhaps an allegory for the Russo-Japanese War of 1905? Elegance. Sheer elegance. I'm crying.
Ooooo, I like the vomit one.
I hope you all can tell how well Wes will play in here. He is essentially Milton from Office Space.
I know I've participated in every one so far, but I enjoy this too much not to partake.

Therefore Patrick's class is...


Centaur Enthusiast.
Nick is an Importer/Exporter.
I'm actually trying!