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Blank Space Lol
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It's, "Oh God - Another Pokemon Comic"

Enjoy it and stuff
2 pages cuz im lazy xD
by the hehehe stuff, i mean that annoying laugh he does when he steals a bird =p
pay up =p
also, incase u didn't notice, i deiced to back up the plot, to before it sucked.
also, don't expect frequent updates, school aint over yet
meh, i think luigi or shadow will be knocked out, just as a unexpected ending to this round. =p
can't believe i havent found this by now, favd
on the last pannel, is someone else talking?
best page yet
few... i thought this was dead. =D
Though this is unrealeted, can some one make custom Jimmy ( Sprites?
Dexyen: 4
Amy: 7
'bring it on' lol
wow.. all of this is pretty cool, you did 'edit' these yourself... right?