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Aaaaahs it's Muffins >:3

Er... I like to draw and give fan art but I've been on artists block for a while >.<
I would make a comic if I had a good enough idea (which I don't XP) Plus I'd probably be to lazeh to keep up with it... XD Therefore I shall stick to fan arts >:D It's easier

Name: Lauren (Muffins or Lolo)
Age: No one knoooooows
Race: Er I'm from mars....
I is normally a lurker <.< >.> but I've been coming out of meh shadows lately XDDD
And one big warning I'm a spaz and veeery random (Which if you ask me don't mix well)

<3 - CAKE *o*, muffins <3, YAOI (But that's a bit obvious if you ask me XDDD) sweets, drawing, writing, cake ^^, anime/manga, having fun, being spazzy, cake, making faces >.<, going outside, grammar (I would be uptight about grammar if I wasn't too lazeh to fix my own) ...A lot of stuff

</3 - being angry or grumpy (though I am a lot) having no computer (My poor comp is my life ;~;), school (Jeez why must we learn -_-"), getting my hair done (it huuurts D:<), txt talk, again a lot of stuff...
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August 3rd, 2013
GLRUUUURGL <--- That's the sound of me dying from awesomeness!
I really love psychotic break Shuno.
I shouldn't but I really really do. >_<
NO! Not the money~
February 16th, 2013
Ooooh sweet baby jesus I did not see that coming~
Whooooooo~ Got me good~
August 24th, 2012
Oooooh teh suspense!!!
Aaaa so cute~ :)
And your sex scenes are fabulous! Nao is soooo cute in that over sized sweater <3
Gaaaah! Soki you have it soooo hard! Sadness!!! And its not becoming too dramatic. Its perfect~ Oh and I absolutely love the new layout!!!!!!! <3
February 17th, 2012
Bahahaha. I missed this side of Shuno! :3
As soon as I saw "Investigate pile of bear toys"
I screamed and then yelled "Now I've done it! I've gone and killed myself! Typical!" Haha I'm such a nerd.
Devastation! Devastation is what I've come back too! I don't know what I would do if you quit working on this comic! Especially because of lack of comments. That just makes me feel like a shitty reader... D:
I'm a lurker most of the time but I'll come out of my lurking depths if need be! I'm determined. My quietness doesn't mean that this comic doesn't make my day every update. And even when there's not an update I'll go back a reread the rest of the comic OVER and OVER! I don't want it to end! I'm upset!

I know it might not make that much of a difference but I love this comic and it would break my heart to see it go. T__T
November 30th, 2011
November 15th, 2011
EPIC <3 Much love! *A*
October 12th, 2011
Kaito doesn't know it but hes so uke it hurts XD

On another note.... I wanna know how Shuno and Kaito met!!! It's eating away at my soul~ D:
Pffft that is cute.
Raine might be a little...(what's the word?) Anti-social? But he's awfully adorable!

I wanna squeeze him but I'm a little scared he might kill me XD
That guy in the last panel looks like dracula :3 hehe
September 24th, 2011
I think everyone needs to calm down. (Mostly Tsuki haha) I know she wanted Kyandi to tell her earlier but what's he supposed to say after that?
"Oh Tsuki last night after your fight with Hoshi, he forced himself on me. But I didn't stop him and I slept with him. B T Dubbs. Just throwing it out there" Haha no. Obviously he never thought that Hoshi was going to come back. And bringing it up would just start shit unnecessarily. Plus it not like she said. It's not like he was like "Oh your not with my sister anymore? Get in my pants." Hoshi still forced himself on him. I mean yeah what Kyandi did was wrong but honestly I think keeping it to himself this whole time and having to deal with it all on his own is kinda a punishment in and of itself. Though if I was Tsuki I'd be pissed about not knowing too, at first. Haha XD

My little rant aside (I couldn't help but be part of this XD haha) I love this comic so much! <3333 :)
August 14th, 2011
Like A Boss!
Craig is a baller~
We all knew it was true! XD
August 14th, 2011
Oh Gawd!
This page just made my life!!!! XD
Kenny's expression almost made me wet my pants Haha~
*Q* Mahahahahahahaaaaaaa~ That last panel made me cry tears of awesome manliness XD (That didn't make much sense) hurrhurr
Nyaaaah Update <3
I for one like the last panel's perspective genius! Haha XD