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THeres no way you an describe the likes of me in such a small box it's impossible. I'm the kind of person who has a misson at the same time as not having a misson. I'm everything that's being offered in the world at the smae time as being nothing. I'm just strange, freaky, crazy... But there's one possitive thing about me I LOVE anime/manga! ^^
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I really hope he's just going back for his bag no matter how mean it sounds, cause I just can't see Atty as the "hero" type XD
I really haven't got a clue, who I prefer to pair Angel with, so this page I've been squealing both moments! X3
Gen V did bring some new amazing gizmos... I personally loved it when a water type used soak on my fire-type (my last pokemon vs their last pokemon), all their attacks did hardly any damage and I easily won XD
haha... Oh God if Joshua reacts like that to only a kiss and a confession that was not Daniel's fault I don't want to know how he'd react to finding out about what his best friend's doing to his boyfriend... -sweatdrop-
... Now I don't usually get shocked by Plot twists... But THIS shocked me- I really had no idea that was coming! No wonder she was offended when he asked her!!!!!!
Lols, aw can't wait to see who becomes whose dog (hehe, I find that much funnier than I should)! XD
will the teacher tell them off for having those collars on though... or has Haru already sweat talked his way out of it???
YAY! *huggels back*
It should be "Whose name is"
*coughs* Sorry about that
ANYWAYS! I love you and the page and most definetly Zee!!!!!!!!
I'm HOPING he's thinking he wants what happened in his dream, let's hope there's no misinterptation (spelling??) *sweatdrop*
And I want to be bundled up for a hug!
Ah, I would've enter the contest but all my creativity left me recently (it's slowly coming back though) so I may just do some fan art or something for this.
Ah, I reread the whole story yesterday aswell, so happy to read it today <3<3<3
OMG! I love how Atty looks so shocked and Dragonthing looks so pleased with him self!!!!!!!!! THEY'RE THE GREATEST TEAM EVERS!!!!!!!... Maybe... *sweatdrop*
And I'm hoping Dragonthing keeps this pace up, though there's a great looming doubt about that seeing as Atty's his trainer *sweatdrop*
Ah loving it so much... *cries* wish I saw the live stream, but my computer probs would've messed up anywas
I kept clicking the next button for about five minutes in denial, Poor Hades *huggles him* Poor all of them really! Cronus you're going down somehow and someway!!!!!!!
Aw, he soooo shocked that he bit straight through his cookie.
Can't wait for more <3<3<3
Do I want to know his secret??? Yes!
Do I want him to win???? Yes!
So I think your art is as good as always??? YES!!!!!!!!!!
*Cries* NO LIAM! you want to BE TOGETHER with CHLOE! No matter WHAT YOU DO she will end up crying her EYES OUT!!!!!!!!
OMG! literally a minute ago I was like thinking of this and I thought Hey why don't I go and reread some and then I see you update?? Was so happy!!!
Can I steal them all pwease???
I hope he tries to actually use Angel like that throughout- before they realiese he's their enemy hehe i want to see what happens... *coughs* and see him get molested *coughs*
Ah I love you Atty!!!!! I also love Dragonthing and the fact he just accepts the fact that he's being used as a lighter now.