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That's a link to my dA.

I'm going to attempt to revive, but no promises. I've got a plan this time, but I'm writing out the plot this time before I start drawing comics for it.

Check back if you liked Cirque Du Freak!
OAO IT'S SO GORGEOUS! You've surpassed what little skills I have with flying colors >u<
Haha, Hephestus being bad ass~
:D I finally found the inspiration to draw Chiori's brother Yuki. Who's name was passed down to Chio's first born son (Yuki's five minutes older than Daichi) And as you can CLEARLY see, Yuki's as straight as a Rainbow Pretzle :3
Me and Lee were RPing POTC >u< Hime ended up being Tia Dallma, so I drew her as a swamp witch kinda thing, but I really like this design, its cute, simple, and fun to draw.
Needed a ref for an AT, no reason beyond that.
Playing around with a new style lately~
Where children from a what-if RP but I wanna use 'em some how... And I used my new style thing :3
Next comic page belong's to Lee-chan, cuz she loves that number.
I see kick ass gloves and weird thingy over her eye, my guess is she's working for him now.
Dreamy Liiiiiiikes this one =u=
You know what I just realized? How does a pokemon need a command to attack while its owned, but wild pokemon just attack without command?
More Movie Spoilers >u>' I have two up on youtube, I'll have to put up the links when I get home today. And look! Human!Yuundai!
=u= Yeah, emo boys totally have it out for eachother.
:3 I feel loved.
May 26th, 2011
I gave myself pink hair while playing with the smartboard |D
I made the moon =u= I'm most proud of that damn moon up there.
ITALY SHIPPING <3 I came up with that name~
Psssh, not really paired! Just funny shiet xD
We did KakaLee and ChioJoJo xD It was epicly hilarious. Fairies were involved.
PS: "... Wanna hold hands?"
"... Yes >//>"