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Lucien's final thought: Terminator 2 really was the best movie of the franchise. *Spear gains enchantment 'Terminator 2'*.
Ah, the old 'turn into a shitload of bats' defense, a wise and prudent maneuver!
Baha, it mutes Bahamut! I like how it spells out the word 'fire', I missed that at first.
Ooh, it trims your fingernails!
I love this page, good display of all their concerns in contrast/ parallel.
If I could replace taxes with blood, I'd do it in a heartbeat.
I really like the way this page is drawn, especially the second to last frame.
I like the design of background vampire. I'm getting really excited to see this vampire society too.

For some reason, Archie sounds British in my head.
Good page, though is is Drake or Archie saying 'hey now'?
I love that your vampires are lycanthropic. I think i've asked this before, but it's been a while: are there werewolves which run distinct from the vampires in this world, or are the vampires the closest thing there is to them?
Ha, a solid year later I've checked back. I haven't got alerts set up so I had no idea you replied :p.
Hugs and fives!

I get a nostalgia hit now and then and snoop around the site and the comics I used to frequent. I was just having another such nostalgia hit today and dammit, I juuust missed out on replying an exact year late :p

I never really did succeed at comic-ing, i'm too procrastinatey. It's okay though, because now i'm a scientist! It's kind of like comics, but instead of drawing, I stick electrodes to people. Though, I'm thinking of starting a blog which will likely be part comic, because I still love to draw in the corner of my notebooks :p

How're you, Chika?
This comic is so meta.
Ah how I love the mixing of well thought out mythology and violence this comic provides.
Man, it's been 7 years since I started reading this. You really rock for keeping this party going, Dai.
Man, I've missed Drake's rad sword-thing.
Heh, even if it hasn't been updated in 7 years, I'm glad this comic is still online.

Twas a good'un.
Hope life is good, wherever you are, Chika!
the 'fire' in runes is a nice touch
I really love this archetype concept, it's really quite clever. Loving the return of a quicker looking line art too. It makes it feel more organic and that's something I always loved about this comic back in the day.
Incase you didn't know, just saw that this comic has a page about it on TV tropes and idioms now: del
I like supernatural, but it bungles it's folklore alot. killing off Urial is one oops, but it does it quite alot. Like in an early episode they say the latin word for god is 'christos', which is actually greek for christ
admittidly i'm somewhat nitpicky, but still. the devils in the details.

Teucer gets his dramatic hero on.