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Dang mammals, always racially profiling those reptiles!

( or whatever is the right adverb for speciesism :P )
Uh oh, looks like he lost his ring! He's vulnerable without it now.
Ouch! I guess those must be the cheap seats.
I had a sneaking suspicion these guys were the "turn everyone into reptiles" flavour of villains!

It seems to be a recurring theme amongst misanthropic reptilians… I think perhaps representation is a little bit of a sore subject for non-mammals…

See people, this is what happens when you exclude reptiles from Zootopia! Cold-blooded doesn't have to mean cold-hearted!
Ohhh! This makes sense of that easter egg of Chloe's signature now! Why spend time writing your name for the normies if a quick scrub of the pencil works as a signature just as well, right?
@Zzzzzx: Maybe the shadow people have some really basic "thou shalt not wield weaponry" command embedded in them? To keep them for civilian use only and suchlike.

Dangit Rosaline! Move yer thumb! I need that exit!

I know I'm late to the party, but I just started my playthrough of that game recently, and I had to come and revisit this one now that I'm properly hooked… :P
Wait, so the group that backed out "because money" don't want to let someone dig around at no cost to them, who is doing it at the behest of someone with money?

*shrugs* Academia…
@tazel: That meter could say just about anything, since Halitosis was invented by Listerine so they could sell their floor cleaner as a mouth wash :P *insert the theme tune from Adam Ruins Everything*
Svanna's going to be so happy someone is finally coming to rescue her on purpose instead of by accident.
He'll have to flip a coin to see which one he asks out. (Unless… well… he asks both of them…)
Aww poor Bridget, those are some tears. Maybe it really is more than… puppy love? :P
Somebody finally got Rose some clothes! :P
Oh my, I've created a ripple in time. I feel like Marty McFly after he returned to 1985 (the good version).
My inner chart nerd couldn't rest without putting time on the x axis going left to right.

Just the chart:
Whole page:
@yachris: I know it's mostly just a fan-moniker to differentiate the two of them, but to her, her name is still Willa. It seems like a complete copy was made, so apart from the new body, she's just as much the "real" Willa as the original green edition is.
Well, the good news is, we found your body… but uhh… the bad news is… you're still in it.
Maybe lay off the taser for a bit there Debbie, poor Shadow Willa's day is already going to be full of enough shocking revelations.
He managed to hit the friend zone, and he didn't even have to give her awful puzzles! :P
Aww, I think it's kinda cute to see Rex hitting on Bridget :P