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I picked my username because there's a bottle of white ink on my desk :I
I misread "boiled sausages" as "soiled bandages"

but I'm loving the comic so far, keep it up~
I love their beautiful fish faces.

I would've told him to say yes, too xD
I like the cat, though
Uhh, I was just wondering if you knew that being called "otaku" is actually a really big insult in Japan?

Also, I've never really met anyone who knew what anime was outside of the fanbase, they usually called it "Japanese cartoons"

but really cute art so far
Even "hang out" sounds like an innuendo coming from him <3
i think this is now one of my all-time favorite comics xDD
Why are there no more yet??
This is now one of my favorite comics on smack!
Oh gosh I want more, this is so amazing and cute <3 I just want to draw fan art for it so much
AUGH!! <333
This webcomic is one of the most engaging and adorable I've stumbled upon in a while. LOVE IT.
If I had money, i would totally buy a volume @m@
November 28th, 2008
Favorite page, right here, man.

Who are the two on the right?
i shower you with words of encouragement~!
The way you censored her pantied with the sound effect is so adorable! xD
I love Silas "IT DOESN'T GET EASIER *angstangstangst*" lol
Aw.. but it's so cute so far, I want moar.
It looks like Aventura Mall in S.Florida. That mall is scary huge...
August 9th, 2008
It's really nice, I like it so far, especially the warm browns and your style. Very pretty.
I love the little guy... and 's hair. Almost too much. It makes a mullet look good, and is very pretty.
This story seems so disjointed and hilarious so far.
I walked into someone who snuck up on me before, he was standing right behind me and I didn't notice so when I turned around I crashed into him and screamed y . During school.