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Im not the man they think I am at home
Im a rocket man
He should catch it, he needs more pokemon than just Rat and Dragonthing anyways
@Bartimaeus: Ah, good point! But to someone with no money (and patience) like Atticus, I think even $5 is too much for a Magikarp...
This is really cool because I have a character in one of my stories that looks similar to this guy.
I have a feeling he's in the process of swindling Atty for all he's worth right now. 500 bucks for a Magikarp indeed...
@Djoing: Ok, this comment made me laugh :D
Lol that must've hurt. Hope she has a band-aid for that
LOTR quote!
I hope she doesn't become like Ash's Charmeleon... :O
Oh how cute! Dragonthing looks starstruck in the last panel :P
On your comment about artists =/= nice people, I completely agree.
Oh good, Pidgeys! That are... so good against rock type :P
Atty should definitely fight this guy with his pikachu. >:/
And catch that pidgey, while he's at it
Bird keeper? Btw, DT and the pikachu look so damn cute in the second-to-last panel :D
@qazox: I never mentioned MewTwo...
@Captain LeBubbles: lol "Cheaty McCheaterson"...
I know he's training, I'm just speculating that since there are so many Pidgeys around Atty might as well catch one. Not to mention the fact that no matter how much he tries to level up Pikachu, it's pretty much going to be useless against Onyx. His only hope at this point is DT learning Metal Claw or catching an Oddish. Or maybe a Deus ex Machina :P
So is Atty going to catch a Pidgey now? Not that it'll be much use... The only thing he can hope for now is an Oddish, and those don't come out until much later... Poor guy.
Whoa first comment?
I will contain nothing!! Lol she is the voice of rabid fangirls everywhere
Poor Atty
He's got the two worst pokemon to go up against that Onyx.... :P
Hopefully his Pikachu has unexpected super-powers
Awww, DT rubbing his eyes is just so darn cute!
He better get that Diglet back!!! >:0
Poor guy... I'd be so mad that I got a black eye for that XD
I love how the characters (Like DT's tail and George's shoe) are just popping out of the pages :D
That's what you get when you sell your soul to the devil- oops, I meant Wallis...