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April 17th, 2015
SJ has been funny with not letting me post anything the last two weeks..hopefully this works. I realize the last page got posted halfway, and I can't seem to update a better version of the page without deleting everything there..hmm.

@kumikoangeloflight Hm, it's not a bad idea at all! I just know there will not b enough time to update both. I'm not going to delete this one at all, I'm just working out how to coax some of the edited story parts to flow with what's already here. Plus, the characters are getting a major redesign, which might upset many people : /
March 14th, 2015
Back from the Dead
So it's been a lot more than 2 years since my last post. I feel like I owe the 800+ fans that supported me for years a very big apology. The last few years of my life have been very on the go, and have left me little time to focus on drawing as much as I would want to. And also, as much as I am a fan of manga, it's been bugging me for a long time that my comic has not veered into its own style and 158 pages later I could not be bothered to redraw it once again (those who have been with me from the beginning would know I redid the whole comic when i hit over 100 pages many years ago)I assume that having spent so much time traveling and admiring the culture and art of other cultures (especially the comic culture) I have become obsessed with the beauty and uniqueness of each country, especially many european comics. My style in the past few years has definitely veered into the animation direction, which is where I want to go, but I was feeling a constant fight with Bullet, because while I could have been using the comic to push me in the direction I wanted to go, the choice to conform to a general manga style made me feel a bit caged, and I think it was the main reason I gave up.
A few months ago I picked up the script and just started writing and rewriting, trying to make the story more cohesive, more mature. I really would love to redo it as I have rewritten the new storyline, which would sort of re-age the characters and dwelve deeper into the setting in which they are in. But at the same time, I am still happy with the initial plot, so I am working now on making them work together. The last thing I'm sure anyone wants to see is the whole thing to start over again. So I'm going to pick up where I left off. Perhaps some things will be a bit inconsistent with what you read up till now, but I will do my best to make it a smooth transition. The main story hasn't changed one bit. The details have just fallen into place and the script has a definite end point now. As for the art style, I think once I have posted these last few pages which you have never seen (which I did years ago), it will change, I am reworking the character designs to something more of my own style. It might not be so manga-ey, but the way the story is written will still continue to feel the same.
August 28th, 2013
@Manga-Ka - I can see where you see it coming from. Usually I would use tone for that sort of shadow..but decided to go with pen there. Me and consistency is still something I have to figure out! : p

@Fireborg - I dont think you'll be dissapointed, but you might have even more questions! : )
August 13th, 2013
Gaah..woke up late again!! I might switch the updates to sunday afternoons as of next update. : ) As for "D's" facial shape...I'm still trying to figure out the perfect design for my characters as you guys can easily tell by going back to page 1. His design in particular, I want to be able to give a good hint at his character. Hence I continue experimenting, please bear with me. : )
Dammit Timezones..
Hey guys!
Woops. A wee bit late on this one. Was meant to nicely upload it for you when I woke up for work this morning at 6 am, which would be nice 6 pm evening for you...buuuut. I was late for work, and mid stuffing my face with leftovers from the fridge and inhaling coffee and dressing, I kind of forgot. And then the day happened, and now it's nine pm and I'm working on page 160 and just realized I didn't upload!!!
And tadaaaaaa...our mysterious "gentleman" reappears! I feel I still haven't settled on a style as I go through..and as I get older and older drawing this, Im far more prone to make my men look more manly. Soon my highschoolers will look manly I bet. Oddness...
And as for the square face syndrome of mine which carried over from my cartooning work, I don't think ti will affect my female characters much, I just like using hard rigid shapes for my boys. Who doesn't like a strong jawline you know? : )
Hope everyone is enjoying their summers (or winters if you're south like meself)! Thanks for the comments and votes, loving them as always!
Had a ton of run inking and rendering this who's sexy shoes could those possibly be? : )
Hey Guys!
Thank you all so much for such warm welcome back comments. I really appreciate having such an awesome community reading my work. As promised (and maybe a few hours tardy..) here is an update. To be followed by updates every second Monday. : )
Hey Guys!
So…it's been a while. A really really long while. And for many many months now, I've been feeling like a complete jackass for ditching this incredibly supportive community and those of you who took the time to comment and communicate with me through every page. I truly loved that, and I am incredibly sorry for letting you all down. I was listening to an art and freelancing podcast regarding comic work and the internet, and how important it is to stay true to your community and not drop what you are doing, especially if you love it, which I I really really do. I've just been a bit stupid this past year, and my priorities have been all over the place. So I figure I at least owe you an explanation. And if you're not interested that's fine, but Bullet will be back and running on a bi monthy basis starting July 1. I'm almost finished Chapter 3, so there are plenty of updates in stock! And I promise to have a regular schedule for you this time round. : )

So I'm going to try and keep this fairly brief..a year in a nutshell. Last I checked in with you, I had gone to study kung fu in a tiny village near a town called Xinyi, China. And honestly, it has probably been the most incredible experience in my life. Everything about it, the good the bad and the ugly was perfect, and to this day I love retelling stories. In fact, I met a very special person there near the end of my trip. But that's for later.

From September when I got back to Canada, a deep wave of depression hit me, because as certain as I thought I was of studying animation in France, I realized I still know and have seen so little of this world. And every experience I have helps me write, create better stories and artwork..and it is what I want to do after all. I decided to ignore my gut feeling for the time being and spent 8 months basically working overtime in a warehouse to pay for a 3 month trip to europe to take entrance exams to Gobelins and Georges Méliès, taking french courses to pass the language requirements, and of course..majority of my time was dedicated to portfolio, which you can check out HER E. I developed some messed up attitude about manga, and completely threw it away from my life because I thought it would distract me and damage my chances of getting into school. But hell, how I wanted to get back to working on the story. I avoided it diligently, and even did a few side projects….all in the realm of comics. And then it started dawning on me that perhaps, just perhaps, animation isn't really for me, even if I have been thinking about it for the last who knows how many years of my life. What I love are stories, graphic novels, comics, detailed illustrations, being self employed…so…a somewhat different field. I went to France, diligently took the art exams (Gobelins prides themselves on having the most difficult entry exam in the world. They weren't joking.) and yet again fell in love with another country. I've spent the last 3 months travelling, and I don't mean stereotype tourist backpacker living with local families and learning to take care of vineyards, and spending evenings with local families, or sharing a glass of wine and a good talk with some fitter profs of mine…it's been amazing. I definitely found the place I want to go to school. But just not yet.

I really do need to see and do more. And a lot of people I know don't agree with that. Many have given up on me, including my own family. It's been a complete rollercoaster of emotions. But in the end, for better or for worse, I am following my heart, and not logic. School will be there. Being in your 20s goes away and gets replaced by responsibility. So I've settled to moving to Australia for a year, to join that special someone I met in China, and some of my other friends, and just take it from there. We all have ambitions to travel more, to experience more and "enlighten" ourselves, so I think it will be a good fit for me. Until I settle in, I can't promise more than bimonthly updates, but when I figure things out, I will keep you posted.

If you read this far, thanks, it really means a lot to me! And I hope you will enjoy what I have in store for you!

June 27th, 2012
See you in September!
I want to do a long rant right here and now but I don't even seem to have time for that, let alone a new page! I started one hoping to finish it before my departure, but it was coming out like papsmear so I scrapped the whole thing. I'm a quality over quantity gal. Unless it involves chocolate..

I'm leaving on Sunday and next week begin my kung fu academy life for two months!! SO excited. I hope it hasn't lost its authenitcity trying to cater to western tourists though. I want to have the shit kicked out of me and learn to do the same! : ) I wish everyone a safe and happy summer, go do lots of things, draw, write, whatever it is you like to do, do lots of it. I'm going to work on more of my China comics while I'm still in China as I feel it'll lose its feel once I'm back home. And speaking of which, enjoy the few strips I've made os far all neatly compiled on my site:
Wait wha..? An update?
It is another update indeed! I figure I really wanted to get started on this scene and considering how little time I have lately I want to squeeze in as much as I can before I go MIA for a few months. Guess who you're gonna see soon? : D I'm hoping I get to draw at least 2 more pages in June, but considering I have to work overtime this week and leave for my vacation on Friday for 2 weeks then come back and pack up my apartment and tie up loose ends, I can't make any promises. I do, however, hope to bring back a ton of fun sketches and paintings from my trip since I'm planning my own activities and not going with any tour groups. The city is called Lijiang and looks sooo picturesque! Go google it now.

And I want to start replying to comments once more so here goes:

@FireBorg - Yes, I think that's what's hapening. I started doing them just to get used to drawing digital the whole way through and speed it up, but my giant list of ideas is soo giant I figure I might as well continue, I enjoy it and it feels unique to me. So thanks for checking the comics out, I'll organize them as actual comics soon when I create some more. : )

@Kuroi Hitsuji- Thanks! And yes, I'm a bit bipolar about art, I like working in different styles and mediums to keep me on the learning curve at all times. Plus, Gobelins made it clear they want to see no trace of any anime/manga-esque references in my application portfolio as the whole point of their program is to take the 25 artists who are talented and have their own unique approach to art and just drill them into incredibleness. As inspiring as the postgrad blogs are I want to cry looking at how far away I am from that sort of dedication and work ethic!
You know you have an overdue update when you spend a good half an hour getting rid of the creases on the comic page in PS....
I really was not feeling this page until pretty much today, having redrawn it about 4 times and discarding it. Which is sad because I am so excited to draw this scene. My attention recently has been going to another little comic project I'm working on, which you can check out here on my Deviantart. (The last few posts) It's still too small to put up on SJ and I might just transfer it to my website and keep it there instead if I choose to continue..haven't really decided.
ANYWHO....about the next few months. My "peaceful" time of living in China is coming to an end rather quickly, I'm going on my vacation next week, coming back, working overtime for 3 weeks and then finishing my contract. After that I'm staying in some tiny ass village to learn a bit of kung fu, which wont leave me time for updates..nor do they have internet I believe. And then a few weeks of backpacking and HOME! Which means....very very few updates until September, when I will try to resume the comic at a weekly or bimonthly pace again. So...I hope you won't forget about Bullet cause I'm deffinitely continuing, not to worry...I'm just..sporadic.
I also noticed I tend to get more fans when I don't update and lose fans when I do...?? This means...I should never update? Heheh. Thanks for all your comments and love!
April 16th, 2012
So this page is about 2 weeks overdue...and I actually had it inked and all on time but somehow got extraordinarily lazy and irate the last week or so and just had no patience to tone the damn thing (I know it takes like half an hour to do that but still..) On top of my health completely iving out from living in such a polluted place and eating toxic food, my job has really been treating me like a mule lately to add insult to the injury. My conclusion about my life: as a reserved artiste, becoming a children's teacher is the stupidest idea I have come up with to date. 4 and a half months more..whee.
On a brighter note, here is my story of the..uh..month from good ol China. Since I have become a food NUTJOB and spend about half my day reading about food, its politics, health and whatnot, I decided to suck up being ripped off and just but my groceries at the local market instead of the supermarket. With the exception of meat I actually didn't get ripped off too much either. But at the very back of the market (I tried googling a photo of a chinese market but the ones that come up are too nice and clean, use your imagination) is this little hut where they keep all sorts of live birds. No they don't get to run around and peck grass, but they are far too thin to be fed hormones and corn which was my main concern. The lady told me she feeds them veggies and rice which is somewhat better. But. The whole point was being able to pick a live bird, stare it in the eye and have it slaughtered in front of me. It took courage even though I barely looked till it was defeathered and all. But the result? The best effing chicken meat I have ever had and I just threw it in an oven with salt. I wish this kind of thing existed back home but living in a metropolis kinda prevents that automatically. Shame. I'll enjoy it while it lasts.
As for the page...last page of this scene, whee, I love starting a new scene cause it happens like once a year at the speed I update. Thanks for all the love!
March 19th, 2012
Hugs for Everyone!!
First of all, I wanted to thank each and every one of you for such warm encouraging comments!!! I did not expect so much kindness. Coming here to check up on my work and see the notes you guys leave makes all the work so worth it! Big virtual hugs!!!!!

Alas, oopsie Nikita...Has anyone else had that first kiss that went so terribly wrong?? I know I can relate. Except I had friends to call afterwards and yell at myself for being stupid wheras this poor girl...well, you'll see.

Also a few pages ago someone asked if the "badass" guy will be coming back anytime soon. Believe me, you will see plenty of him, but for the first volume and a half only in short bursts. In fact, you will catch up with him in a few pages. If you guys are interested in character bios, I made some sexy ones on my website, here is a link to them: (note: you might have to refresh the page ones as the viewer program is quirky still)
Sorry! And Big NEWS!
I fell off the update wagon!! I'm sorry guys, and I left you at a cliffhanger to make matters worse...but I have a very justfiable explanation!! Like, my life changing type explanation.

After giving it much thought over and over again, my plans for pursuing art as a career when I hit 30 have become depressing, no matter how much travelling I get to enjoy before that. I really want to create and animate. Period. And I won't settle for seomething ok, I want to go to the best of schools to get the best education. Up till now, that dream has always been Sheridan College, rated 2nd best (in terms of feeder schools for big compoanies liek pixar disney dreamworks and whatnot). However, I started to feel that while Sheridan gave you an amazing education, you will eventually become one of the masses of the community, but not necessarily your own creator. And I can't have that. On top of that, Sheridna picked the worst location in the world to put an art school, oakville suburbia. I used to live in the next city over which was a slightly less upscale replica and beleive me...never again. And Cal Arts will put me in debt until Im retired plus I'm not to keen on the States. SO. I have decided to make my life a lto harder. I'm going to go all out on this one. I am going to apply to Gobelins, Paris for the 2013 year. I've always known it as that elite animation school, but never even considered it as my french is so so. But then I thought, "I'm living in China just fine with the tiny amount of language I know and my french is far more advanced, why not?" I'd never run out of inspiration to draw and animate being located in Europe. And the school really tailors each of the students to become best in their own style, not a mass production animator, which is totally up my alley. It's an extrmeely long shot as they accept only 25 students a year and almost a 1000 apply, but I am going to work my ass off to pass that 7 hour drawing exam, french exam and art critique.
So yeah, my dissapearing act has to do with me picknig up my good old sketchbook and stepping out of my cozy apartment in the uncozy cold "cafes" and whatnots of my town to creep on people, and learn french, and abuse posemaniacs to at least get some form of life drawing into my schedule, even if its fake. And learn a lot of french, especially that damn grammar. If you want proof, now is a good time to follow my blog as there will be very many updates: for Bullet, yes I will continue to update, but perhaps every other week instead of every week. I'll see how I manage my time. So enjoy this page (and you guys are so wary of my characters!! hehe) and I'll try to get one up soon! Thanks for understanding!
February 16th, 2012
So......I could be nice and stop the story here with a happily-ever-after-got-married-got-a-house-and-a-car-and-had-20-kids type of thing. But.....NAH. That's just not the script.

I've been looking forward to this page and am pretty content with how it came out. Mind you, the amount of accidental porn I stumbled on while looking for refernces of the word "kiss" that wasnt the band was mind numbing, but oh well. In the end I just gave up and tried photographing myself which was en equaly stupid idea. So we go back to good old anatomy and lifedrawinf from mind studies and whatnot.

And yeah, this is about as shojoey as this story gets. For those still convinced its a shojo manga, I suggest you make this your last page. : D Just sayin.
February 6th, 2012
In case you read this page first, THIS IS A TWO PAGE UPDATE!!. So you might wanna go back for stuff to make more sense...

And someone's hands are being a little adventurous there...: D
February 6th, 2012
I'm back!
Hola everyone!
It's great to be back into the digital world after a week of lounging on a beach, wandering through dodgy city areas, eating 5 times the amount of food a normal person should eat, swimming and motorcycling scenic islands. In a nutshell, it was an excellent vacation to the Philippines for me! With the exception of the cockroach infested hostel I stayed at for one night in Manila. But the island life is out of this world. I must deffinitely move to indonesia or thailand..wherever they are willing to hire me. And now I'm back china and everyone dissaproves of my tan which i am so proud of. (Prior to leaving everyone kept telling me how jealous they were of my pale skin and when i told them i look like a hospital patient they said "no no! like um..twilight, like vampire!" to which my answer was "great, I look dead." )

With regards to Bullet, expect another update in hour or so, making up for lost updates here!

And on a completely unrelated note, do yourself a favour and go brew a cup of hot cocoa (not some packages crap, but real cocoa milk and sugar) and throw in a chilli pepper while boiling it all together. It tastes like lindt!
January 17th, 2012
I'm on vacation next week (Phillipine beaches here I come!!!) so I won't be updating, but I'm going to squeeze and extra update before Saturday so stay tuned. Also isn't it nice to finally have some consistency with me here?? It's been like 2 months of solid weekly updates, better that I've ever done I think..: D

And dammit Nikita, just accept someone being nice to you! I think we all go through that where our dignity seems to be that last thing we can hold on to, but it can also blind us to why other do things for us.

And I kept the bill price vague as a) I have no clue how much they run, and my hollywood movie bill prices seem to vary from a hundred to a thousand bucks so...up to your imagination.
January 10th, 2012
Wow, that debate got pretty heated on the last page! I'm not going to contribute my 2 cents to that as I'm meant to be the unbiased author I shall remain one. But some really interesting opinions from everyone I read. : )

Go drop those formalities and respectful titles on him, Nikita! Finally. I do love drawing closeup decided to put up a semi early update this week. Enjoy!
January 5th, 2012
So..Matsuda, nice perfect gentleman, or suspicious perfect gentleman? Give me your take, I'm curious how you guys perceive him as. : )