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Wow, I love the new inking style! ^o^ I'm a huge fan of the stark blacks and whites in noir comics, too, and you pull it off well.
I've never heard of them, but hey, I'm not punk. Or old. Apparently they were really influential though (thank you, Wikipedia!).

Every music snob is pretentious! Actually, everyone who's immersed in the music scene at all is pretentious! It's a defining characteristic of the species. Something to be proud of.
That's such a hilarious video. XD That reporter woman seemed remarkably po'd. "Industrial-level earplugs" fff... I wonder what happened to her at the concerts. (._.)

Also, I think I heard one of those guys say the Beatles were for old people. (o_o)

I liked the man that explained to us what parts of his forehead had dealt with kids and which parts had BEEEEEEEEEPed.

The guy at the beginning wasn't putting down the entire punk movement, though, I think. He was putting down the parts of it that were gimmicky and purely for profit and the followers of it that were just doing it because they had nothing better to do or because it was cool. Which is true for everything, imo.
You know what I think would be difficult? Sitting around thinking up all these computer-related double-entendres.

You, ma'am, are a god.
KYYAAAH Theorah, congratulations on the comic spotlight (finally)! I nominated you like four months ago and I thought you'd never get your due attention. (- -)
Ohhh, it's like that fake screenshot fanart you got a while ago! ^^

I... I would die if CR was an anime. o_o And then come back to life to watch it.
I know, gaiz! D= If you keep comparing RPS to DN I'm going to have to start slashing Andy and Jack, and Hiruda-sensei will not like that one bit!
Yaay, more London street people comic! ^^ Hey, are you going to be selling the hard copy of LU online?
I can sleep on a chair!
I do it all day long at school! =D
I'm very talented when it comes to sleeping.

The sleeping panels are so nice. It's hard to draw people sleeping.

I really love how you made that sky tone work on the second panel.

The apartment montage is also highly impressive! =o
Question: is this England or France? Because if it was England, darling Mr. Devril would most definitely be in jail right now for "corrupting the youth of the less fortunate classes." @_@

Aw, I feel kinda bad for Mr. Devril. Even if he is a rapist. He's a loveable rapist.

*hides in corner ashamed*
I find it highly amusing that the "man talk" in this case is most likely about gay sex. =)
*His boyfriend's back and you're gonna be in trouble

PDA = Public Disposal of Acid, n'est-ce pas?
Heh, I saw the futon. XD
I ignored it, though. Sometimes such things are ignored for the best.
You know, I really, really like it when a bl writer writes a non-bl. XD I say ho yay is better than the real thing. =3=
Wft indeed, Natalie. Indeed.

Btw, I have to say I really like the style that Natalie is drawn in (although of course I also love everything Heldrad does to bits). It's very sophisticated shoujo, sort of a josei-ish style.
No time for omgfais, Richard! Runn!! =o
I swear, the beauty mark of doom makes it ten times scarier.

And thanks so much for the link, Heldrad, I'm on a Hetalia binge at the moment and I just can't get enough of your pretty style ^^
Poisoned cigars are waaaay more badass than bombs! D= They're, you know, smarter... or something.