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1. Never create a superficial work. Pour your blood into the ink.
2. Never chase after popularity, which is as transient as a flower. Dig deep in the earth andput down roots.
3. No matter how much status you may attain, you much never have regrets. If the choice is between peace or the storm, choose the storm.
4. If you should fail, never cry . Study your failures and let it give birth to success.
5. Even if you obey the previous rules, never believe that you alone are right. Learn from everything and everyone around you.
Awesome like always!
I'm kind of scared...but excited!
I don't know if this is a good way to start this but the idea came to me so I drew it out. Sorry it's sketchy and the poses are a little stiff. I'm not used to drawing dramatic poses.

This is a common occurrence with Simon and he says the same thing each time but for some reason girls still confess to him.

EDIT: Look at it again...I want to throw my computer out the window and delete it...
Gender: Male
DOB: October 5
SO: Bi? (doesn't really care)

Likes: dark magics, occult, birds
Dislikes: brightness, mean people, the cold

Bio: Vincent's family owns a toy factory in Ireland but he's going to inherent to Japanese Branch. He doesn't need to wear his glasses but they dull out some of the light around him. He's the president of the Black Magic Club next to the Host Club room and gets along with Simon very well. He is a lot like Nekozawa and looks up to his sempai. He carries around a chicken (?) puppet and named it Marchen to mimic his upper classmate. But unlike Nekozawa he shows his face more. He also refuses to cut his hair and keeps it long and in a braid.
Gender: Male
DOB: March 2
SO: dead people

Likes: Dead people, pretty girls, dead people, apples, juice, dead people, musicals, and dead people.
Dislikes: Pushy girls, Hot places, and his stepmother.

Bio: Simon is the heir to a huge apple orchard in Germany and is eager to take it over even though he believe that he would have more fun as an undertaker. He decided that he would take over his family's farm because he liked working there even though it's not his dream job.

His stepmother is very kind to him but he detests her because of how she treats his little sister and how his father acts when she's around. She's very nice and kind and sweet most of the time but never to his little sister. He finds himself getting along with all of them until his little sister gets involved and then it becomes sour. He doesn't hate his little sister though.

He acts very princely towards everyone because that's how his father raised him and is very good when it comes to charming girls. He's best friend with the president of the black magic club so some people try to keep their distance.

So many Sound Horizon references...I'm obsessed...
I want a copy :D
Oooooooo! He got hot!!1
this is my favorite page
nxt one should be
shalalala my oh my come and try you wanna kiss the prince woah woah
kiss it
I love you~ I'm fine with anything I love this comic~
I'm dying it's so cute!
Omg! This is too much
my heart is gunna explode!!
Maybe do the first couple of pages for a chapter in color and then go back to grayscale
I mean doing every page in color will be time consuming
December 7th, 2010
I saw spartans and I laughed
That's my school's thing and they say pretty much the same thing in a morning
Yes! Please change that quickly!! HAHAHAHA
OMFG! Congrats!!
Awesome! I'm excited for the revise!