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I'm 19 years old and I like drawing, watching dramas, eating ice-creams, playing with my dog, swimming, reading, writing, singing, sleeping........OMG........
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I reeeeeeeally like him <3
So romantic...

And about the tablet thing, I also think it looks better, cleaner, and if you hadn't said it I wouldn't have noticed that you did it in PS and not by hand... It looks very natural, I really like it. Maybe, if in the future I decide to upload my comics, I'll use my tablet as well *-*
Wahhh! Your style is just so lovely! And the story looks like it's gonna be great too! I love this already :)

Keep the good work X3
Nutcracker prince!' Wow, that was my favourite movie when I was little. I watched it again a few days ago, and it's soooo sweet... I just love how this comic is going! It brings back old memories! ehehehe
hahaha, i like the last panel, cute dog! xDD
um, well... my webcomic... oh yeah...that... I'm trying to improve my art skills 'cause i don't feel very confident about them right now, so no more webcomics for now... I'm sorry I just deleted it like that T_T
This page is just... xDDDD
Yaaay! Finally!! I'm sooo happy that the comic is back again... T^T
By the way,I love her expression in the last pannel!
I'm spanish xD Maybe you wanted to say "La graduaciĆ³n de mi primita es por la maƱana"?
Lovely page!
I want moreee!!! T3T
Mmmm! I like jealousy! Hehehehehe... s...exy! xDD
thank you, ithecello!
But is the expression "to be made fun of" correct? I'm not a natural English speaker, so I usually make mistakes =3
what expression???
thanx!! ^///^
Hi!! ^_^
I'm new in this collab, and I really hope you'll like my character ^_^
Oh, and I'm sorry for the delay, YueChuu... I've been on a school trip.
Umm...what else? Well, I think all her information is up there so...
Aw, I wanna participate as a teacher! Can I? Oh my... I'll try xDD
*dun dun dun*
Are you saying that... ARE YOU SAYING THAT I'M A TYPICAL SHOUJO FANGIRL!?... 'cause it's true *_*
Wajajaja!!!! I like boys like that xD
great last panel!!! XD
Don't be silly! Your houses look really good! Although I can only see the roof! xDD
Anyway, I love all your comics, and I know that this is going to be a great story as well! *_*