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A giant Turnip should fall, killing everyone.
>Have an epiphany while sleeping, and also maybe have a little vision to remember something.
Alright what White should ask is this. "So you come here often?"
Say your name is Lightning.

People will get it later.
^Attempt to use logic games, and fail.

I mean, she should totally take the knife and explore some more, venture a little bit outside of the cave.
Well whip BEFORE you left we HAD a storyline but NO you left and ruined it. Now whos really at fault here
How will we end sonic kidz then?
read on sky read on
I made this and i just wanted to try a new style of comic making. Whip told me the joke the other day. Now everything d\should be clear about whip
Find a sprite sheet with a sonic character on it then recolour it
You Idiot
Jo-El whips not back he came back for 1 comic and then quit
just so you guys know i already have an idea for the next comic.
So that means I GOT NEXT COMIC!!!
Thats it guys im making next comic
Jo-El Whip Quit and Hes gone Im King Now :) But i have checked your comics and it only had one that had no image im sorry but you dont meet the criteria to join so that is a no im sorry