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I love that last panal XD I'm hooked! Can't wait for more ^^
aww, I want more! Can't wait for the next page.
I also love Cross XD In fact, I love all the characters ^^
Well, so THAT's what happens when he forgets his meds. Polly is amazing, I'm intrigued by her story as well. I don't know if I could keep such a cool head while my boss was screaming at illusions.
I love the lay ouy and graphics of this page XD The movement and style are wonderful.
So Fell murdered Fowl's wife? I am intrigued-and I would hate to see what happened if Polly didn't medicated our wonderfully mad mask.
yes, I am completely addicted. Is there anyway I can rate the whole comic and not just pages? I want to add a bajillion stars.
new phrases
You have no idea how I just want to scream that randomly "God Bamned Giant Zombi Rooster!"
deja vu? That little scene cracked me up. You have a wonderful sense of wit XD
Well, Mr. nameless in the last panel isn't going to be around for much longer. Plus, I love the fact you're using voodoo. Most people are afraid to because of sterotyping and such but you've made it fresh and terrifying.
And here I didn't think the first comic couldn't get any better XD Frickin' zombies. I am officially hooked.