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hey chumps

im cool

and i like monsters

feel free to drop me a line:
i am pretty friendly despite my tough-guy exterior you will probably fall in tsundere anime love with me nbd
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sorry for the lack of updates, been stressin hard about essays U-U college is dumb

enjoy this page of fenton being captain obvious

@AlternateName: deer love them some salads B)
@Annabeld: he maintains it very carefully! :U
@Loverofyurstories: where'd 3 go???
@lilmissbunnybitch: they are all about that murder, yo
@jonasfx: me too but these guys are mad dumb
@Cozza: mmmmhmm. innocents beware.
@ohnoitsjojo: haha thank you! and i'm sorry! lol
@RadicalTrain: He would feel weird eating a burger! some reverse-foodchain craziness he doesn't wanna get involved in.
@TMagee: oh goodness thanks! I was actually considering starting up a society6 shop because i have some shirt ideas... so that could definitely be a thing! :)))
ahh the style of this is really appealing to me.

love the one-panel approach, by the way! :)
so busy

everything is hot

i want to die

here's a comic

@RadicalTrain: unfortunately these suckas know
@TMagee: oh no haha were you perchance a ghost?
@Loverofyurstories: Thanks! :) also heyyyyy
happy easter everyone! let's all get fucked up on peeps.

anywayyyy COMIC!

also replies!
@lilmissbunnybitch: oh thank u~
@ohnoitsjojo: i intend to! thanks! :)
sorry for that absense of comic stuff

spring break!!

anyway, violet is awful

@Panico- Stormbluff Isle actually u-u
@SweetHype- hehe me too... a little bit. lol
@Raighn- more candy than you will ever know or see
happy halloween in march errybody

also happy spring break

also i can't believe i managed to do a comic when i have guild wars 2 now (my charr's name is Ofurlia look me upppp)
woops a lil late today but shhhh

im very tired. stayed up too late last night. anywayssss, get HYPED.
and so ends chapter one. it was real ass long. only cause it took place over a month though. uwu


@The Orange Cow: no it most certainly isn't!
@Moirai: lmao the idea of either Violet or Fenton being a yandere is frickin great. and could possibly work on either.
@jonasfx: hehe thanks for checkin it out! and yeah i will always be happily brainwashed by pokemon i have 0 problem with it.
@TMagee: haha fenton is so devious uwu totes

also friends!! remember the comic I was telling you guys I was making for that website? as sort of a professional thing? it's out!!
go look!!!!

I'd really appreciate it! :^)

anyhoo.... replies!
@lilmissbunnybitch: yeah! you can see em growing in on page 57! :)
@RadicalTrain: it is a real sweater it costs 80 bucks. Fenton is unfortunately not smart enough to grow a totally free bush around himself. (what a dummo)
don't run away you have to get up Real Early

also UGH gotta re-upload because the comic didn't say it was uploading and i forgot to check for like 4 hours!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

also replies ok
@Yumikarp: IT IS NOW. it would have been thursday but i literally forgot. ;_;
@lilmissbunnybitch: you will seeeeeeeeeee uwu
@Guest: the plot thickens!! :O who knwo
@Tacbot Unit-89: ahhh don't pregnant women do that sometimes? or was that just on some tv show i can't remember.
something is happening!!! but what??? find out next time.

@Zandra & @RadicalTrain: omfg i read this exchange in class, i thought i was gonna get in trouble for laughing so much!
i'm sorry i've been so frickin flaky with updates!!!!! school is really stressin me out and there's just so much stuff i have to do

plus i'm going to be a contributor making lil comics and stuff on this site right here:

which... when it starts making money, and if people like the things i contribute, i might be making money for the first time ever????? which is nice. so i'll be sure to tell you guys when i put up comics (they'll be about video games or shows or just nerd shit idk) so you can look!!!! :^) i'd really appreciate it!! smooch

anyhoo, PLOT!

also replies!
@TMagee: oh goodness!! haha maybe some day! :P
@RadicalTrain: it's somethin for sure. poor vi is gonna stick out like a bright yellow thumb.
@Loverofyurstories: Yep! pretty much haha
@Shyboxedhermit: me too at first, lol
@Tacbot Unit-89: oh thanks so much!!! :)))
hahahahahaa lookit me

makin comix


@Loverofyurstories: it's emotional! yeah! :) as you can see they rot off after the burst of emotions.
@AlternateName: he's just a lil baby das why
@fiddles: ah thank you so much!! :))) also your icon is so cute uwu
@RadicalTrain: the best kinda flowers
@TMagee: thanks! i'll try not to make it so long from now on!
@zangetsu675: haha it does seem that way sometime.
fenton's powers are weird

hey guys! i am so sorry about the delay. school has just been really hectic. also i've had to draw this page like three different times due to computer troubles so thhbbthhtbtbtbbbbbbb

but!!!! i am gonna get back on a gosh darn schedule i'm so sorry for being absent like the whole month.
now if you will excuse me, sleeeeeeeeeeeeeep
January 21st, 2013
i keep imagining her with a russian accent is this ok
wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 400 fans wow!

thanks so much you guys! :3c

@lilmissbunnybitch: her TRUE POWER has not yet been REVEALED
@ohnoitsjojo: so real. too real.
@RadicalTrain: eheheh yeah.i have a feeling he'll look like that a lot from now on :P
@Cozza: thanks so much!
@frozen_shamrocks: yep! it's giving her quite the migraine.
@Savile: it's ok, if he does, Violet can just ride him off into the sunset.
oh wow!!

i'm really enjoying this comic, there's clearly a ton of effort put into this, and that is not... typically seen in too many nuzlocke challenges! haha. but really this is great hehe :)))
welp i just read this whole thing and love it so far!!!

it's got so much personality!! also everyone is really cute uwu
don't abuse pills, kids.
(fenton isn't going to give violet all of those he's just a panicky deer boy)
@RadicalTrain: deer soudsn
@AlternateName: i couldn't figure out how many 'p's or 'h's or whatever other letters (that are maybe undiscovered) to capture the beauty of a deer sound.