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Hello! My name is Bonnie, you can call me Kuroi or Senko, whichever. ^^
I am a yuri/yaoi fangirl with a passion for art and stories. I am not the best at comics but I would like to improve. So I hope I'll do up a lot of experience here!

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Cool ^^ Well I'm a fan so I'll be keeping an eye out. Evebn if I'm not as good at comics yet I really like what I've read so far!
Could you maybe explain some more, I was wondering about it because it seems like a real cool story thus far.
Ish it dead?
One year ish a long time, and I miss your awesomeness! ;_;
I was wondering if you guys were still open for authors?
If not I'll still stalk this comic though, all the characters look awesome!
YaY another update! I really love your comic can't wait to see what happens next ^^
Aww poor kid! Give him some chicken soup on my behalf!
I like how you write, it reads lovely and from what I can see it looks really good. You can see yourself improve by the page almost ^^
>_> hmm...I'm a witch, this is not that scary. I study myths for fun, now that is scary.

FEAR 2012!! XD
Awesome comic btw
Ugh! The cuteness kills me!!
Oh I am so glad to hear your back!
Hope your friend is doing okay!
I missed you!

Brilliant work as always!!
yEP...NOT the smartest plan out there ^^;;;

Still. Love everything about this.
But of course it does! That's what molesting is all about =3
Oooh smexy! Great job. I love the entire feeling of this page. YaY for angst!!
August 18th, 2008
Your style is love!!
Updates make me a happy chu ^_^
I love Pika here, he is so cute!!
I really love your comic. I will wait for you to come back! ^_^
I am really glad you updated! I truly love your artstyle ^^