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Cherry the Fox
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poor elo, one less panda. they're endangered ya know =p
I spy with my lil eye, a typo on the last pannel, I think.
holy shoot, is that really you in the first?
I would like to inform you all that I got a 1 one the quiz.
here She is!
These are my new sprites, quite a improvement, dontcha think?
hm... is it the one on fir-... never mind. -_-
ooh, I very mcuh like it. ;)
yes yes, I added pancakes.
I like it. =3
I can tell you put alot of effort in it. I rate this comic a five.
lol, oops, I spelled "hedgehog" wrong.
its not100% custom, and I edited it a bit, but i think it looks good, for a first comic. well acually this isnt a comic, but you get the idea.
hm... tough question...
I certainly never seen anything like it...
a Question!
Im sorry if I missed this in the comments of any other one of these comics but, where did h get shot again? if it was the chest or something like that, how did his feet bleed? (referring to the bloody foot steps)
isnt this SONIC authors: Gr-.... you know what. Im not gonna say anything.... nice char! ^^