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There, is that better, Itsumi? ^^
Ah! >.< Sorry I think I skipped over that part and was running on auto pilot. x:
Hi again old and new friends. c: Long time no talk. ^^ I've noticed that there aren't any many men on here... so I might create one. :D COMIC TIME, WOOT
Quick! He must be revived! Grab a juice box! O:

Poor Elliot. xD I <3 your style, by the way. x:
August 26th, 2009
I seriously got so excited when I saw an update for this. xD Just like I do every time. I think this is my all-time favorite comic on sj.

and I regret to say I do not get that after drinking coffee. :< I just get random spaz moments.
Omg a bloody orange. o:
Lulz, I love Talori. xDD
How much you wanna bet he got 100%? o:

Lulz, That face in panel 5.... yeah, I pull it all the time. x:
Well, They're both pretty scary... xD So each of them are immune to the death glare.

Nice job. xDD
OMG, look. o: I actually psted something after being dead for... forever.
I'm going to try to post things now that summer has come. ^^

I apologize for not being able to draw Alex worth crap. D; And for the rushed inking.
OMG Dhampir! o:
Yay! =3 Nice character design.

My creativness is lacking right now, and I can't think of anything right now. T^T Ner.
Don't you know it's ruse to change people's schedules behind their backs?

And why didn't, when you got you coffee, say something along the lines of; "Oh, hey I changed your class order, so no worries, I can torture you alll day long. Yay~!"

PS; Welcome back. <3
June 7th, 2009
Hmm... He looks like an old man...

Old man+groping teen...

... Hi? :D
Gasp! I am back!

Sorry for being gone for so long. D; I've been having problems in school and out of it, so they've been keeping me busy.

Quick comic of Raziya's return.
(In case you can't read my writing, "Curse you artist! You made me miss all the fun!")
Woo, quick comic!

Raziya concerns me with her quick personality changes. xD And her unconcern towards who's getting hurt.
Awwwww, Yay! ^^ I really need to start updating here. T3T Shared computers suck.
February 14th, 2009
Deian x Melia! ^^ Kya~
Weee! x3 This looks fun. =3

*sketches character* :D
Zomg, new person! =D Hihi! ^_^ *glomps*

This character design is so amazing. O3O and her pet is like yin-yang.

... I fear her white self now. >3>;;
*laughs maniacally* Aha! I knew it!

Awes! *huggles bubble blowing kids* Don't be afraid of Tyler! He couldn't survive without your mad bubble blowing skillz. >.<