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The Creation of Webcomics for fun.
Enjoy. Updates when I can
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gosh, I barely update this thing. >_>

Sorry thanks for waiting. I'm sure most know school&work keeps you tied most times. Next update as soon as I can. ^^
@katiejuby: Thank Q *collect confetti and runs away*
1 years old
Guess what..
It's Just Bite Me's birthday today.
A year from today the story of a girl looking to be a monster started and it's been going strong since.

Thank you for the

Hope for a year more.
Now if I could only update it ._.
October 24th, 2009
*3* So happy I found your webcomic on here. I can't wait for more pages XD
October 21st, 2009
JBM turning one
On November 20th JBM will turn 1 and I will launch my first official contest *A* My goal is to have at least five people enter. Would you be interested?
October 21st, 2009
These pages are done in Sai now with editing in OpenCanvas instead of like previous pages where it was strictly in openCanvas. Ihope it still looks alright
October 21st, 2009
Weird snowman...

Anywho this pic was made a while ago in color so I just lessened the color. I may go ahead and add the color pic to my DA page. I dunno yet.
October 21st, 2009
Down with the winter fairy
Bad toning as usual. At least that didn't

So this starts the winter chapter to JBM.
I figure it's a lucky match since it's winter now >_<
October 21st, 2009
Do you guys like this layout better or the previous grey layout?
New layout=new uploads
Sorry it's been so long since you seen a comic update XP I hope you can forgive me a school has not been too forgiving to me.

I have a small batch of uploads that should carry on so enjoy and thank you for your wonderful support. ^_^
100 fans!?!
Thank you for your wonderful support and I'm truly touched that you all enjoy reading my simple story. I wish to make more pages and everything and love for you all to keep rooting for the comic in the future. Love you all lots. ^_^
Look forward to it
...coming soon...
See told ya it was short...^_^
Ion is always Felonee's Victim #1
Ish a magical leaf
Random Comment: I wanna see a four leaf clover one day XD
Rather old story
Here's something to tie you over while I go and create the other chapters. it's only a six page side story that I drew some time back when I first created the series. Sorry if the drawing is off as always and if it makes no sense. Enjoy!
Slightly blurry page. lol

I don't know how many of you guys are actually waiting for more updates but I promise to deliver them soon!

In the meantime I have a question for you guys, Who's your favorite character and why? And who's your least favorite character and why?

I read some of the previous comments and found people's opinion quite interesting XD So please answer! Thank Q
Oh wow
Thank you so much for 75+ fans! That's truly wonderful and I'm glad so many people have really love the story enough to add it! I did this kinda quickly when i heard I reached 75 so again thank you. Love you lots!
Do you guys like these constant updates or should I have paced them out :?
Confusing much?
Sorry if the story is confusing some of you. I wanted to go ahead and hurry this chapter along so I could get to more entertaining stuff. I'll go back and rework some missing info later so any questions post them so I know what to include in the upcoming chapters. The art looks mega weird too but then again I did warn you about my lack of art skills. I'm glad you guys love the story though so I got one thing right. How does the saying goes? Come for the art but stay for the storyline ~_^

Also do you guys think it's too early to host a contest?