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Sorry for the late reply!
Actually, I'm in Japan right now, and I didn't have time to make the next chapter! ^^;
I had to work on a oneshot manga for Japanese people (in japanese reading way) because I try to get published there!

I'll submit soon this new manga.
If you like Odin's Wrath, you will surely appreciate my new manga Lost Paradise too! ;)
Thank you!
Huhu you have to wait until next august for the next chapter (I can only make 1 chapter per year) ^^;
To be continued...
Here's the last page of the second chapter!
Yeah, there's a lot of backstories in this chapter :3
Yeah I'm back with 43 more pages :p
Thank you!
Yeah, I only release 1 chapter per year, because I don't have enough time ^^;
And because it was on sale at Japan Expo too.
Here's finally the second chapter!

Please help me to correct my english mistakes...! I'm not good at english translation. ^^;
Don't forget me!
Hey I didn't forget my comic project! :p
oh yeah you're right ^^;
thank you very much :)
Thank you!
Of course, if I were american or english, it would be better for the grammar :D
But don't hesitate to correct my grammar mistakes when you encounter one :-)
Thank you very much for your comments ^^
Kala> haha yeah i'm a very fan of RPG too ._.
Mecari> actually, Anselm was not really alone, he met with a girl and lived some romance with her, but...
And there will be more info on Joshua - Lena story in the next chapters too :-)

There's a little more informations about ther characters here:

oops i forgot this
thank you ^^
Waw i finally fixed all the mistakes on my pages!
Thank you again :D
thank you you two :D
page updated! ^^
hmm yeah, i guess you're right!
No no really, it's really nice to you to help me like this ^^ Ireally appreciate :-)
Thanks a lot, again ^^
Thank you very much! :D
Updated here too ^^
Thank you very much :D
Page updated ^^
Thank you!
Actually i'm not english (french) and i don't have english lessons for years, but it would be nice if you tell me where the grammar mistakes are to correct these as fast as possible :3