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I love art, to make it, to appreciate it, anything! I love making Manga, and I hope that people will like to read the manga I make. Hopefully my Manga will speak to people and reach out to everyone who reads it and show them that their feelings are universal!
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    Felicia Bleu Rose
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Oh! thank you! That is a very good point! :D
Bwa ha ha ha ha That's hilarious! :D
Ack! So cute!! XD
Woa 0.o What's going on!? Very interesting!
I like the story so far!!
I love the random text thrown in there! Very unique!
September 8th, 2008
O man! Play to the ego! Heck yeah! I'm lovin your comic, it's addicting!
Me too!! :D
Wow! I am very intrigued! I hope you keep going with this
The blue haired one is super cute!
A woman after my own heart!!!
Lol! Poor guy!
Yay! :) Glad you like it!
August 19th, 2008
Honestly I can't understand it, but your drawings are quite funny :)
Lol. That would be my response too!!
Bwa ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ah !!! XD I gotta say, I didn't see that coming at all!!!!
O man this is awesome! Your art is great!!!
Aw! I love her face!