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Now that is one beautiful landscape!
And I guess we can look forward to Kat coming out of this as well-adjusted and centered as Shields.
Again, go to the Top Web Comics voting link to see the full design of K.A.'s new armor, which will be ready for action by Chapter 3. What will it be able to do? What will a better armor accomplish in this new world? And is K.A. referring to just a new suit when she talks about "upgrading" herself?
May be too hasty to say this, but while Rai may have lived poorly, he died greatly.
After taking the enemy hostage and getting elaborate recordings from his armor, the girls let Valefar go. Should they have left him alive (albeit in the middle of Siberia), leaving a loose end that their government might uncover? Will whatever his armor's recorded about his various criminal activities lead K.A. and Mela anywhere? And will anyone else, even in remote villages far from any urban society, want this guy?
Well, there's a lot of different interpretations of the single word, but all the ones that redeem Rai don't result in him being able to walk away
Mela explains more of what her life is like as a digital persona spread across multiple bodies. K.A. tries to reassure Mela of their friendship, making her point by standing on her stunted "natural" feet. Which of the two girls has had it worse? How much of what Mela's saying about her lack of feelings as a human is true, and how much is exaggerated? Did her asexual nature better prepare her for completely losing her body?
Turns out K.A. wasn't the only one who lost something five years ago. But why did Mela spare Valefar? Did seeing K.A. help her conscience kick in, such as it is, and prevent her from killing a defeated enemy? Was it just a whim? What's going on in her head-- figuratively, since her consciousness is backed up so many other places?
Ahhh, the Walther P-38, perfect choice of old-timey spies and evil Transformers. And it seems that magician's ridiculous costume wasn't bulletproof.
So do I, Cat. So. Do. I.
If you remember a certain conversation Mela had earlier, she clearly prepared for this. But what is up with her body that she can survive a decapitation as a mere inconvenience? Why would she do such a thing? Then again, if you had the capability to back up your entire persona, wouldn't you?
It gets worse?! Right, of course it does. Looking forward to what suffering the new year has, since 2 out of the 3 deserve it
When K.A. and her friends founded the Wyrecats days ago, did they ever expect to fight guys like this? Is K.A.'s pacifistic nature going to get her through this alive? And did the Ignis agents know about K.A.'s handicap?
Love the pacing. It works really well to build tension by having them stew in their anticipation.
The addition of red is working superbly. The comic is more beautiful than ever.
Looking forward to all of this. And I can see why nobody ever talked about "the iTunes Album artwork .jpg romance "
This satisfies me on so many levels, especially after the election.
Members of the armored terrorist group Ignis draw their names from the Ars Goetia of the Legemeton, a grimorie of demons. The two antagonists here draw their names from Valefar, Duke of Hell and familiar of theft, and Buer, President of Demons who teaches Moral and Natural Philosophy. All of these demons were conquered by King Solomon and forced to build his temple, or so the legend goes.

The symbolism intended by using Goetic demon names will become more apparent as the plot unfolds....though Mela may not see it.
Twisting the knife further, huh? At least she doesn't seem to have any tears left to shed
FYI: The Sikhote-Alin Mountains are a real region in Southeast Russia, parallel to Japan. It's one of the last places on Earth where Siberian tigers live in the wild. Hence, the use of the world's largest cat in the establishing shot is plausible. The powered armors, not quite as much.