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This looks extremely well done. I basically do all of my work by hand and leave it uncolored, so it doesn't look nearly as good as this. What program do you use?
Check it out now!!!
My name is Philip Padovani, and I am just getting into drawing, inking, and writing comics. This is a sample of my work, so please feel free to critique how crappy I drew Toastmans hand lol. While I am slowly getting better, please check out my pages below:
check out the official facebook page:

Check out the wordpress:
check out the official facebook page:

Check out the wordpress:
check out the official facebook page:

Check out the wordpress:
Stay Tuned!!!
Stay Tuned
Once I put out issue 2, the drawing and ink quality will be much better. STAY TUNED!!!
The first issue which is 8 pages is basically sketches. I am planning on redoing it when I get the chance. The second issue is much better. Stay tuned!!!
im open to anyone who wants to make a storyline or somehow weave this in.

Haha i'll say I made this all from scratch G.B.A. But how in the hell am I going to make this not noob with only paint and gimp...HELP ME PLEASE!!!
This is the worst comic I have ever seen,

delete the comic

delete your account

kill yourself.

Why im making this
this is a few part mini series storyline that I will be making up over the next 1-2 months. Its about a group of characters from many places who join together to fight evil on a stolen ship (RAS Ranger).
This is the beginning of a small series I will be making called the ranger chronicles. I never played superstar saga and I knt really find any storylines I can use so im just making my own. its supposed to be seirious kuz i always make funny comics in my other comic,mofo mario. plz comment and give constructive criticism.
My god... you are literally the greatest comic writer on the internet today...
This is odd. The appearance of luigi is random and it doesnt seem like the best storyline.
Haha I see:
Thanks for the constructive criticism James. Plus, I feel this was my worst work for it was my introduction to the comic world.
Thank you Bob
Bob, I would like to thank you for your help and criticism. Now ryder, I have noticed that all of your comics have little or no storyline. Plus I can hardly follow which character is which. Please Ryder, keep your insults to yourself, but your criticism open to the publec. also give me tips on the comic world. Thank you